Divorce arbitration – Soprano style

Well it’s not truly arbitration. Even so, I think this is one of the better monologues delivered by Gandolfini.

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25 Responses to Divorce arbitration – Soprano style

  1. DemonSkirnir says:

    Tony needed a forged pre-nup lol

  2. zcrosby says:

    “invite me to a public place so you can ambush me”—sounds like a mob whacking.

  3. handsomebwonderful81 says:

    tonys right carmela is entitled to shit.

  4. thetruthisundeniable says:

    all because she wanted to buy furio a new iroq

  5. alex19960 says:

    like tony said hes old school he doesn’t believe in the divorce crap

  6. mikeyaaa says:

    “I hope you brought your appetite”

    lol, I loved that part

  7. 0sAndOnes says:

    Is there NOt a great scene in this series?

  8. Banminator says:

    Only characters i hate are Tonys kids, and his wife i dislike.

  9. downtownford says:

    @mikeyaaa ‘go stand over there i’ll call when im ready’ lol

  10. TheGoodfella31 says:

    Tonys right, as usual. Carmella was entitled to nothing. She had some nerve pulling tht shit all through season 5. She had a right to get mad about the goomars but tht was Tonys house, I’m surprised he let her stay and he left.

  11. MurphGiovanni says:

    @TheGoodfella31 man, i don’t even think carmella had a write to get mad about tony’s chicks…i mean, she knew she was marrying a mob dude…and it’s common knowledge that mob dudes carry mistresses..that’s just inherent in the lifestyle…so, she did that to herself…and she never complained about other aspects of the mob lifestyle that benfitied her..like all the illegal money, furs, jeweles, the mansion…so fuck carmella…she can either embrace the entire lifestyle or none of it

  12. MurphGiovanni says:

    @Banminator i agree..tony had some shitty kids

  13. Banminator says:

    @MurphGiovanni Especially Meadow, she reminds me so much of my sister at that age, what a total bitch!

    So i guess its actually a realistic performance of a teenaged girl =P

  14. Banminator says:


    Exactly, Tony’s good enough to eat his food, live in his mansion, wear his fur coats, wear his diamonds.

    And Carmella sits at home and doesnt even work, but shes not even a housemaker, she has a maid!

    She has no right to complain.

  15. MurphGiovanni says:

    @Banminator yeah..she sucked…but i have to admit, it was pretty funny on that episode where tony had bought that beach house and he was driving home with the radio pumping, he was singing and whistling, happy as hell…and then next he knows, he runs over his golf clubs that carmella threw out onto the street after finding out that tony slept with that one-legged russian lol

  16. Banminator says:


    Yeah thats the classic “i’m about to lose half my stuff” signal.

  17. pk20030 says:

    “coz these guys live for it”
    tony ” You think I don’t” hahahaha carmela didn’t know who she is dealin with..

  18. ChipHugger says:

    “You walk around like butter wouldn’t melt in your mouth”


  19. Rastapulse says:

    Get her Tony

  20. MikeNJ27 says:

    nuclear family lol…its fucking money….thats why men dont like getting married nowadays.

  21. bongabushwoman says:

    @StyrbjornStarke Yeah that is the way it is. Tough shit for you men!

  22. taxmonkey123 says:

    Carmella is by far the better person here, but I can’t help but to agree with Tony. She knew all along along what he was doing, but she was willing to overlook that for wealth and status.

  23. kingelnino9 says:

    @StyrbjornStarke Yeah i never understood why Men don’t get money either. Why is it always the man who pays out!

  24. AddictiveDisease says:

    @kingelnino9 Because in most households, women take care of the children, clean, cook, etc. So, if it’s a divorce, the women will likely get the kids, so she is entitled to half of what he gets. I mean, if you really think about it, it’s easier to do the same job every day and only worry about yourself. But, it’s much more harder to take care of yourself, your household, and your children. How ’bout them apples ?

  25. Moneypussy420 says:

    Marriage is an antiquated notion

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