Los Angeles Appraiser – www.meyerappraisal.com – 714-900-2400. This divorce appraisal video discusses a few of the requirements required in a divorce appraisal as well as items persons going through a divorce should consider when choosing a divorce real estate appraiser in the Los Angeles or Orange county areas. Meyer Appraisal has a long standing reputation with many divorce attorneys throughout southern CA including Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside and San Bernardino counties. Roy Meyer has over 22 years experience as a Los Angeles appraiser AND Orange county appraiser.

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    1. mcnoah88 says:

      really cool, makes me realize alot of things i didnt before!

    2. Bazzer50cal says:

      Nice video 🙂 Any more ??

    3. ILoveHipHopMusic2010 says:

      thanks to this video i know way more do u have more videos of this kind?

    4. Theliltechnologypro says:

      I really like the alot of people don’t realize that the facts have to be set straight but to tell you the truth…I don’t believe in that put I really like how the video was put together.

    5. DJR0B0TIX says:

      this really makes u realize alot of things about life, thanks for the video!

    6. xXLoaDEd2KiLLXx says:

      I recommend Meyer Aprraisal, they helped me through my divorce and I got my house. Thanks Meyer!

    7. LeProTroller4sub says:

      This video was really good mate. Thats too much for one person i hope that i dont fall into the marriage trap although it would be nice. Settling down with someone would be amazing its just the downfall which is bad. Iv seen many people divorce and its just too sad. :s

    8. TheMusicHomie says:

      good job on this, it really help a lot of people even thru they don’t realise it

    9. Mj075 says:

      You are so right, you know what you are talking about
      keep uploading so i can follow it 😀

    10. badmanbrappp says:

      You guys definately know what you’re talking about! I learnt a lot from watching this video, keep uploading and views will follow!

    11. BumpyRide2010 says:

      you´re so right keep on doing all these informative uploads i will keep watching all ur videos i really enjoyed this and i learned much

    12. imsonew2010 says:

      i learned so much by watching this 2.24 min video it´s the best mins of my life

    13. MrLulzord12 says:

      Thanks alot man, seriously I haven’t a hard time with my wife atm, and might have to use this site. Thanks alot keep on doing this awesome videos!

    14. raynix001 says:

      your video really helped me for my homework. keep it going !

    15. fowl789 says:

      good job on this, it really help a lot of people out. ive been looking for awhile now

    16. Freelancerway says:

      I never thought about this types of problems after a divorce. I learnt a lot from watching this video, nice video guys.

    17. rosalind13221 says:


    18. skinnytiger101 says:

      I am totaly stunned by this useful informations a friend of mine is going throug hard times …

    19. tjames456 says:

      Do I have any legal leg to stand on if we lived together but we were never actually married? I ask this because we have been going through a separation, but I am unclear as to what should stay with me and what should go with her. We always split the costs of things and now I am not really sure how to handle the situation.

    20. AsianInvasion1231 says:

      wow… thank you for making us all aware of something like this

    21. ooGuNNeRz says:

      nice video.. keep up the great work

    22. gustovoo says:

      its true…. loved the video… some stuff have happened to me already

    23. SSDZUnleashed says:

      My parents went through a divorce 2 years ago, but due to our family situation, they managed to get along for 2 years until they broke it off completely last week due to another fight. If we still lived in California, I probably would have told them to get you guys to help them, cuz their lawyers were scammers and we were lucky to catch them. Thanks!

    24. xClickMeNowx says:

      Very nice announcement guys, luckily my parents haven’t gone through a divorce ever, but it’s nice to know the things that go through it all, like the house and all =)

    25. luiswatz says:

      Very nice announcment my parents are through a divorce so its kinmda hard i can only see my dad during the summer thank you for the information so just incase they get back together i can tell them about some lawyers

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