Divorce Advice for Men! No-Fault Divorce Law! Bitter Women and the “Real Man”!

My response to a viewer’s question what his friend should do when his wife cheats on him and he needs a divorce. I also talk about women who complain that there aren’t any good men out there.

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    25 Responses to Divorce Advice for Men! No-Fault Divorce Law! Bitter Women and the “Real Man”!

    1. MrCombatveteran says:

      @MrCombatveteran >continued. So now you can assume I hate all women, especially the drinkers and bitches. I see every woman as a predator now. I actually got a dog, handgun and rifle to protect myself from my ex because she had different men calling me threatening to murder me in my sleep. I had to move 2 times, change my phone # 3 times and change the people I hung around with and socialized with. At one point, I was ready to go on a killing spree and take out all the men threatening me.

    2. hadnotja says:

      I only needed to listen to the first few seconds of your video before hitting the like button.

    3. MrCombatveteran says:

      @wesleytarbuck Very typical of American women, total whores and abusers.

    4. nsv1041986 says:

      this dude speaks the truth!

    5. masterchief3737 says:

      DEMCAD,too much REAL and IMPORTANT information going on in the world to worry about,nigger bitches wanting a man.Globalist have a plan that’s rapidly moving forward to destroy the republic.
      Nigger bitches tell your men to pull there pants up and stop being fags!!!!!!!!!

    6. tabcan says:

      So does that mean a pre-nup = The future belongs to those who prepare for it today?

    7. jcb570 says:

      if she is a bitch take all of the money land cars and what ever you can befor you file and hide it get a good friend to rent a selfstorage out of state sale everthing that left. then let here pay to have you served then get a lawer if she wounts more than what she was worth.but you might wount to check the state law on removing your things first

    8. shadyws310 says:

      Ur right I’m a woman:-)

    9. watertonrivers says:

      I hate to say this but marriage in modern day is a terrible idea. Don’t let you hormones control your thoughts. Take it from someone who’s been married 4 times; It ain’t worth it!!

    10. orangedac says:


      woah i did not know he was gay.

    11. orangedac says:


      4 times good lord.

      i’ve never been married so i have to ask…. do the courts make you support all 4 of your wives and how do you take the financial strain of that!

    12. orangedac says:

      @choliscott i doubt most decent women would agree to kids without marriage.

    13. orangedac says:

      “Reggie, I’ll bet none of your male friends are wimpy, panty-waist , stay inside all day, pale, fragile, helpless, lazy guys.”

      hey thats me!

    14. ccharlie100 says:

      There is no other reason to let the State dictate the terms of your marriage other than to let te State dictate the terms of your divorce.

      Why would Any fool of a bloke ever accept such terms?

      The target of course is not men, it is women.

      By making women ‘untouchables’ without risk of draconian penalty, the politicians can control the population agenda from behind the stupidity of women themselves.

      ‘Protection’ for a woman = Spinsterhood from a mans perspective now – all ‘Legal’.

    15. RoflmaoAtSheepeople says:

      Dem-cad I agree,Gold digers and cheaters And they crack me up they want a real man Gee they dont even know what one is,.I see them what a drug deler,in to drugs
      getting punch, kicked ect,ect, May be GOD wants a house cleaning.We will soon see think?

    16. slobomotion says:

      This American in France noted that even a friendly divorce here starts at 7,000 euros IF you are lucky. I have a vid up on polyandry over on CUTECATFAITH y’all might like. Plan for the breakup before the knot is tied.

    17. colinjockgraham says:

      i am a real man

    18. watertonrivers says:

      @orangedac No they do not have me support all of them, but I had 3 kids from them and that results in monetary compensation. However, I have know of cases where guys with multiple marriages have been required to compensate them.

    19. markymarkuss777 says:

      @Demcad most women desire BAD MEN who treat them like dirt. What you said at 1:20 in the video is right on the money. When women say they want a GOOD GUY, what they mean is, they want a guy that makes them feel COMFORTABLE. Most guys that fit the description of GOOD in the dictionary, make women feel UNCOMFORTABLE. They have a low self esteem, so they don’t feel as if they should be treated right. From personal experience, and seeing this 2nd hand, very few women want a healthy relationship.

    20. Dechthem says:

      Spot on on this subject.

    21. markymarkuss777 says:

      @TheMidnightRider11 What’s more funny than that, is a lot of women will even CONFESS that they love the roughneck bad boy abuser types. I just talked to one who admitted that to me today. Then in the same breath she says that she wants a good guy. Women make no sense whatsoever. It’s best to just have sex with them, and nothing more from my experience. If you treat them right, they’ll just run off to the guy who will use them for sex anyways.

    22. DEMCAD says:

      @masterchief3737 Again, talking about the same issues over and over will get boring quick, so i like to mix things up.

    23. Smashy4Pants says:

      You’re right Demcad. There are quite a few women that I know / have known who all complain about men but they’re choosing complete idiots and they themselves spend so much time obsessing about men that their personality has got lost in a void that exists only in the society of complete losers. ‘Nice guys’ have the same problem. The term ‘Nice guy’ is the ‘nice guy’ equivalent of ‘wet drip’. They need to stop obsessing about the opposite sex and concentrate on their own personalities.

    24. markymarkuss777 says:

      @choliscott YOU SAID THIS, “In regards of the good man. Women like jerks & bad boys & doesn’t like the nice guys even though they say they do.”

      You nailed it. Sad but true. Women want badass guys who will treat them like a low class whore or prostitute. They are COMFORTABLE with that.

    25. orangedac says:


      3 kids from just one of them or 3 kids from 3 of them

      I cant imagine how they would split your paycheck between so many wives.

      What were the reasons for divorce if i may ask. Any common theme – i.e. cheating on you or money related issues

      Im not married and after hearing all this stuff im kind of scared to dip my toe in those waters

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