If you get a divorce from a parent, how would you go about the procedure? Do both parties have to agree to the terms. I am considering divorcing my father for legal proposes, ie if something were to happen to me I do not want him to benefit from it.
Is this step necessary (divorce) or can I just make a living will, and just avoid the whole headache.
I am 22 years old. Should I seek a professional to consider all options. Any relevant advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.

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5 Responses to Divorce!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?

  1. kja63 says:

    You don’t divorce someone that you are not legally married to. Your father is your father, not your spouse!

    If you don’t want him to be a part of your life anymore (how sad, by the way), the don’t contact him. You can also write a will naming your heirs in the event that you die. And, you can write a living will stating your medical wishes and who you authorize to carry them out for you should you be incapacitated.

  2. M M says:

    you make a "living will"… call a lawyer and ask about it..

    if you have any children they will be beneficiary…

    you are 22 … "living will"… best way to go

  3. Andrea S says:

    You can only divorce your parents if you are under the age of 18. After that its all up to you. You can making a living will stating you do not want him getting anything of yours.

  4. Rein says:

    I think divorcing your parents would be just to make a statement. A will would take care of this problem.

  5. 4532 says:

    You need to have a will drawn up that states who your beneficiary would be and then put in a statement that says that anyone who contests the will will be given the sum of $1.00. That will exclude your father from being able to access any of your estate. You will also need to draw up a power of attorney, which will allow someone else to handle your finances if you are not able to do it for yourself (you get hit by a bus, for example) AND you need a living will which states what health care options you would prefer and who you would like to make healthcare decsions for you.

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