my parents ALWAYS fight over the stupidest things…like this night they fought -screaming fighting- at eachother because they couldnt decide on what to watch on tv……my mom does get annoying when she repeats herself but my dad is the worst,,, she’ll try to tell him about her day and he says COME ON GET ON WITH IT or I JUST DONT CARE……and he is never a gentleman….but hes sometimes funny……….i hate the fights and i wish they would just divorce because it would be easier on me and my brother….marriage with fighting is way worse then divorce with peace right??? help me out

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11 Responses to DIVORCE!!!…???????

  1. Marissa says:

    Divorce is really hard it is not fun to go through but it is not your choice to make it is theirs just tell them what you are felling and ask them not to in front of you and your brother
    But yea marriage when people don’t like each other is worse

  2. fallingapart says:

    really, i know it may seem like a dumb idea, but talk to them about it… tell them how it affects you. if that doesn’t work just tell them both to piss off…

  3. badgersdaughter says:

    Honey, divorce doesn;t always mean peace. People who can’t get along when they’re married won’t magically get along when they are divorced and they still have to share the kids and the money. It can be better to be apart if the fighting is really terrible. Sometimes people just can’t be trusted to act like grownups.

    I hope everything works out for your family. It won’t last forever, I promise. You will grow up and be out of there soon.

  4. nutmeg says:

    My parents are divorced. And have been for the longest time. They still fight. Over child support, over the children, everything. But not so recently. You learn to live and work your way around your parents arguing. I did. And still do. I got tired of it, so I decided to just give up thinking about it and went on with my life. Some men are just plan ignorant.

  5. Linda M says:

    Talk to your parents and let them know how you feel They might not realize what they are doing to you and your brother

  6. Kincay72 says:

    My suggestion would be for you to talk to your parents and tell them how their behaviour is affecting you and your brother. Maybe suggest to them to get couples counselling. If this is hard on you, you may also need some support yourself. There are many organisations you can contact for over the phone or face to face help.

    If your parents love eachother, they will consider your feelings and make a go and fixing things at home, even if they don’t stay together.

    Be honest about your feelings. Good luck.

  7. eagle of the south says:

    some people like your mother and father really like the arguing and the fighting. because that’s really what makes them happy. and then
    they have fun making up. there still together and they have not
    separated and have not got a divorce. so the best thing you can
    really do is just let them go at it. you and your brother go out side are go to your room and close the door.

  8. Lady J says:

    You need to talk to both of your parents and let them know how their fighting makes you FEEL. Don’t criticize them, but tell them how the screaming is affecting you emotionally. They need to hear that. I know its easier to blow up and join in the yelling, but they will listen with their hearts if you sit down and talk with them calmly about it. I’m sure they will apologize and be more sensitive to your feelings. If they continue, try to keep yourself busy doing other things. I’m sorry you have to go through this.

  9. John B says:

    Some people just love to fight, it doesn’t matter what it’s about, they just love the fight. But share with them what you are feeling, it probably won’t change anything, but at least you have shared.

  10. charmed4412 says:

    If you try to talk to your parents and they do not want to talk you could always write a letter to each of them on how their fighting makes you feel. Talking works sometimes but a letter they can reread and have it hit home to them on how it effects you.

  11. c_h_u_mm_y says:

    Advise them to try Divorce Mediation Service. Coz’ according to what you have stated they are fighting always. And divorce is a stressful event and fighting could arise more. So through Divorce Mediation Service they can help out in arranging peaceful processing of divorce and not going on court to undergo the hearing process anymore. Try here: http://www.liaisesolutions.com/ they have Divorce Mediation Services there.

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