its about my parents..they dont want to get divorced beacuse of me..but they often fight…my dad cheated on my mom a couple of times…but she kinda "forgave" him and just never talked about it anymore…my dad puts my mom and me last for everything…when someone else need help or something hes always there for them…he puts my mom down and curses her…not all the time..just when tey fight..i have no idea what to do…i want to tell my mom that its ok if they dont live together anymore and that i would live with her..cause im really sick and tired of all the fighting and screaming…but i dont know how to tell her…what should i do??? just dont tell me to talk with someone else cause nobody cant know about it…i just dont want peple to gossip and i dont trust anyone…

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    6 Responses to divorce???????????????

    1. RedCamellia says:

      Aw, Honey. You’re sweet. Tell your mom you want her to be happy, to not have to endure someone screaming at her and putting her down. Tell her it’s okay. That you want her to leave. Even if she doesn’t listen right away, she will appreciate your support.

    2. Tanqueray says:

      i don’t know how old you are but if you can get a job and spend as much time as you can away from the house as possible , but do positive things like working or study.stay out of your parents problems let them work this out on their own. if you work save money to move out

    3. Nissyen says:

      Unfortunately, I don’t think there is much you can do. Your parents have to come to a decision on how to proceed on their own. If you and your Mom ever do discuss her relationship with your Dad, you might just want to say, "I support you, whatever your decision." Or "No matter what happens I will still love you both." It’s hard for you to be the grown up in a situation like this, and it’s very hard for parents to take advice on relationships from their children.

    4. Melly says:

      Just sit down and tell her how you feel. It’ll be rough for a while if they decide to divorce, but it sounds like you’ve already gone through a lot so you’re no stranger to family drama. You don’t have to tell anyone else, with the exception of the entire Yahoo Answers community that you’ve just broadcast your problem to, so I’d say that you’ve managed to keep it pretty private. And psychologists are legally bound not to ever tell anyone anything you talk to them about, so if you were to talk to one of them instead of to your friends about it then you’d have nothing to worry about.

    5. alrozz says:

      You may not be able to address this to them, but you have one thing to concentrate on and that is you and only you. Do not let this get you down. Thousands of people are in the same situation as you and they prevail.

    6. craig b says:

      Ask your dad if he’d do divorcecare.com.
      If he goes through it – you would be ok for them to divorce.

      (this is not about getting a divorce. it’s about learning how to do intimate relationship)

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