I got married in july 2005 and we fight all the time. I just cant continue to feel bad anymore over stupid crap. we got married in nevada but we live in california. How do i file for divorce or do Ihave to file for legal seperation

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  1. m says:

    if you live in ca, you file in ca. it doesn’t matter where you are married. also, if you want a divorce you can do that too. the filing fee will be 320.00

  2. KB says:

    try counseling. The first year of marriage is really hard! It isn’t supposed to be easy, but it can get better!

  3. lfis492aa says:

    Don’t know about your state, im in NY but even out here you can file for divorce but then they tell you to take a break (separate) and see what happens. but nobody on here can help you with the question of weithe ror not you should part because no one knows your history with your mate.

  4. fruitnroo says:

    Less than a year is legal separation, I believe, which is less complicated than a divorce.

    By the way, KB is right – try counseling first. Their going to sit down with you and your husband to "counsel" on the separation anyway. If you have to go through it, it might as well be to save your marriage rather than end it. If it really boils down to just "stupid crap" like you said, then it’s not worth ending the marriage over.

  5. carolscreation says:

    Before you file, try marriage counseling. Divorce should be your LAST option. You are right under the wire for annulment. If you file for an annulment before your anniversary, it could be a lot easier. Good luck!

  6. cici says:

    As the saying goes the first five years of marriage is the hardest and if you can get past them 5 yrs then it is all good. You do need to try counseling and not give up on your marriage it has only been 1 yr. But to answer your question you will have to file for a legal seperation then divorce.

  7. charlesjerrell says:

    see a lawyer in the state u live in

  8. living is loving says:

    legal seporation is if you just realy need to get out of the house in order to avoid situations while you are proceeding to get the divorce papers served to him, it also stops him from being able to run up bills like credit cards and making it to where you have to pay for half of the bills. when you file for seporation anything from that date on that he spends he is 100% reliable for paying not you, and anything you spend from that date on is your responsability for paying 100% of. that way no one can run up bills and hurt eachother, i would definitly recommend it. my parents are divorcing right now and my dad is saying she has to pay for all kinds of stuff that he ran up, the only way for her to get out of paying her half of whatever he has ran up is to prove the date that he kicked her out of the house then from that date on he cant make her pay for it. just get the seportation. get a lawyer and get out of your marriage, good luck! oh and remember if he says you owe money for this or that , unless he has something in writing proving it, so dont let him stick you with things that have no proof.

  9. andyman says:

    Your right. Divorce him, quit just like all the rest. You women are such quitters that it just makes me sick. There are no women left that know what committment, partnership or any other qualities it takes to make a marriage work. Go ahead file for divorce, Get out of his life so at least he can go forward. You do not have to file separation just go to the street corner lawyer and tell him. Califorina will support you they do all women. Quitters in the law, quitters in women you are all a bunch of quitters. It is not hard to find just do it. You do not have to go through a bunch of poor me poor my b.s. I will even give you my attorneys name. She was the best lawyer on my ex wifes team. God forbid you would have to argue over little crap, just get a divorce and hook onto the next unsuspecting candidate and if he argues quit on him to.

  10. ilfecoach says:

    Are you sure you are ready to get out of the relationship?If you think it’s worth considering not to separate or divorce I would like to talk to you about this i am a relationship coach. It wil be complimentary.
    Would love to hear from you. I am married myself and i know it can be hard at times.
    The first year is not always the easiest.

    Best of luck to you.

  11. pamspraises says:


    California = Community Property State

    Work it out it gets easier. Stop fighting. It takes 2 to keep a quarrel going.

  12. apryl2rayne says:

    If kids are involved… there may be a seperation needed… If not divorce in Calif. could end up being a good thing. Either work out the "stupid crap", or get out.

  13. babieshay27 says:

    you can file for divorce. I got married in CO and I live in Cali now and I filed here in CA and I didn’t go for separation first I went straight for the divorce and mine was easy. I went through a paralegal. It only cost me 350 dollars and we didn’t even go to court cause we had agreements on our stuff and on the custody of our kids.

  14. Karen H says:

    This is why I say before a person can drove they must past test. Well it should be the same for people wanting to play house. People take marriage seriously. Hollywood makes marriage look like the in thing to do and it is alot of hard work. People know from jumpstreet that they shouldn’t be together and they anywhere.

  15. singer says:

    slow down sweety, take a deep breath and sit next to your wife. talk to her for love sake, see what’s wrong, take time to settle all things up. are giving up so soon, where is the love that made you marry her? don’t be a fool

  16. Yissel s says:

    you have to file for legal separation first and try to work things out first don’t just give up , think about it this way what if people who gave second chances trough out you’re life didn’t give you those second chances where would you be today

  17. Roland G says:

    All right, I must admit you have made your point very clear!
    Likewise your wording is quite sound.
    Perhaps we must give it a second thought and
    Elaborate the other way around as well
    Really do you want to get it right?

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