i have a big question about this!! why do most of the people disagree with divorce?? what happens to you and your children?? why does this happen??

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  1. Katie says:

    I can’t tell you why most people disagree with divorce, but I can tell you why I disagree with it…

    You promised and committed your life to another to GOD and everybody. your two lives are forever intertwined.

    Love is a choice that shouldn’t be taken lightly and presumably you loved the person you married at one time.

    Most problems can be worked out through this awesome thing called communication (i’ve tried it and it works really well) even though sometimes a mediator (ie, pastor or counselor) is needed.

    the kids often feel resentment, anger, betrayal, and guilt, no matter what the parents say… trust me, my parents divorced.

    It happens because people stop communicating to each other, their needs and their wants. they stop choosing and showing love towards the person they marry.

  2. Anjie says:

    Marriage isn’t for everybody and just because you got married doesn’t mean you’re supposed to stay married.

  3. Josie says:

    Divorce completely makes the concept of Marriage pointless.
    It is very hard to deal with emotionally, even when both parties want it. Trying to spit assets makes people get greedy, and often times they LIE to get more than they should. Its heartbreaking to hear someone you once loved say that you were unfaithful, when you never were.
    Divorce is admitting that you can’t keep your promises.

    But I’m not saying that everyone should stay married either.. some people rush into marriage without fully knowing the other person. People change. It’s a tough moral decision.

  4. twisten says:

    Marriage is not always the right choice to stay in.
    there can be abuse and infidelity,other issues that stop the love from prevailing as it did when you first dated.
    many find that it is hardest to survive after the first 7 years (7 year itch)
    if you work at it then you can do anything you want to happen.

    i have asked this question and been divorced,again.
    try and make it work first.

  5. Home Alone says:

    no one gets married to get divorce, it is very painful even if the marriage was horrible, and it happens because the two people are not willing to work as hard at staying married as they are at getting a divorce

  6. Rick M says:

    Marriage is like a bath, once you step in, it ain’t so hot. Nobody enters a marriage with the intention of divorcing later. And every divorce is different with different results. With this in mind, there are too many variables in your questions to give a generic answer to. Some people grow while others don’t. This is only one reason out of hundreds, but it’s probably the most common.

  7. redhead27 says:

    I think people that disagree with it are the people that think once you are married you have to deal with anything that your spouse does, no matter what.

    This is absurd to me… I agree with alot of the answers here.. .marriage takes alot of work and committment and people change. So if your spouse no longer honors the vows they took when they married you why should you continue to suffer in a destructive relationship.

    Things change and people change… I agree that marriage is for the rest of your life. But if your spouse changes and there is infidelity, abuse, abandonment, etc. then you need to take care and protect yourself and remove yourself from the situation.

    Just because you are married does not mean you need to endure pain and suffer in a horrible marriage. If you are not happy and things have changed then you have the option to get out. That is why divorce is an option, its not a bad thing.

    Only for people that abuse the whole point of marriage and stop honoring their vows and start disrespecting their relationship.

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