when my wife and i split up she immediatly said she wanted a divorce its been four months and we have hardly spoke to each other and she has still not done anything about it does this mean anything?
she told me to leave her alone and not call so i have respected it.
All she did was work and come home telling stories about a bloke she was working with and then she started going out on work outings with this bloke and he started texting her all the time and the final straw came was when he text on xmas day and it made me very mad and i accused her of having an affair with this bloke.

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12 Responses to divorce!!!!!?

  1. chacha777 says:

    Call her up and tell her it’s been 4 months now and you want an answer concerning this divorce she said she wants. It’s a real simple question to answer…yes or no and maybe is not allowed.

  2. mazza says:

    She was probably angry, and may regret saying it now.

  3. ♥ Yame ♥ says:

    Call her up. Why haven’t you talked ??? You should ask her to go out or somewhere to talk, ask her where do we stand ? Do you want a divorce ?? It sounds like it doesnt matter to you, cause you are not doing anything to stop it. Did you do something bad to her or did she just get tired of things ?? Just call her up and ask her whats up, where do we stand are you divorcing me or not ? No one in yahoo answers can answer that only she can. So go ask her.

  4. jumbobighead says:

    i am going though the same thing. she didnt want to spend the money for the divorce. played games with my head. its gonna be hard but you gotta do what you gotta do

  5. white_pride_lovenmywife says:

    I have never been in a divorce, but I am saying she is probley having second thoughts about doing it, I would hope your having second thoughts too. A divorce is not a easy thing my sister has been divorced twice. I would say call her up and talk to her, maybe deliver her some flowers or even a card or just walking up to her. try to sit down and talk to her.

  6. Samantha says:

    I think she is taking a break to think what she had to do, give her space and time to think. then when she came back you need to talk to her and ask her what she really wants in life, if youre marriage is done or what.

  7. nihilistic_boomer_scum62 says:

    She’s probably waiting for you to file, thereby bearing the expense…Save up!!…It’s gonna be expensive!!

    Go here and study this:


  8. asmoothrider says:

    It happened to me.
    I ask my wife long ago,what would she like for her 3rd anniversary,( promised her anything,no matter how much and how long it would take for me to pay for it,We was living hand to mouth )she asked for a Divorce,so a man of my word i gave it to her.
    Found out years later:-
    She did not want a Divorce,She wanted me to fight for her and show her how much i loved her.
    Not being a mind reader,i never knew.

  9. F.S says:

    you would better not tell or ask her anything,just try to make the home a happier place for her and do your best to show her you realy like her.

  10. carole0103 says:

    If you have forgiven her, tell her.

  11. sodapop8848 says:

    i think your wife may have suggested getting a divorce only because she was angry, but didn’t mean it. as for this second guy, i think you should talk to your wife about it and resolve this issue.. marriage is all about resolving problems

  12. heartwhisperer2000 says:

    It is very common for people to do this. They don’t want to pay the expense, thus they do nothing. Just make sure you aren’t paying for anything that she has…bills, credit cards, etc. Protect your money. Be cautious financially. I would file for divorce if she doesn’t to protect yourself.

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