divorce ???? ………………?

my prob is that my dad iwants to leave with my uncle in phoenix because my mom does not like stayin home
they argue alot
and i think my dad is tired of it but with out my dad we can not do anything because my mom cant drive
what do i do?
i don’t whant him to leave =[
and he wants a divorce from my mom

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5 Responses to divorce ???? ………………?

  1. Kimberly k says:

    you need to sit down and talk to your dad and tell you dad how you fill and that you know that him and your mom don’t get along and that there not happy but that you really need him in your life weather or not he is with your mom is there or not.. you can do it but i will tell you if you don’t tell him yourself and you keep it to yourself then it will only make things worse in the long run be the bigger person and sit down and talk to him if you have any questions about anything you can email me i went threw the same thing almost 3 years ago with my parents the seprated and was living seprate and they went to counsling and got help now they are back together and happier than ever

  2. mr pickle says:

    If you can get along with your Mom then stay with her. You can work around her not driving.

  3. whatta says:

    oh man i hate divorces.. just tell him that you guys need his help and your mom too, and that she just doesnt want to admit it

  4. Aliz says:

    You don’t say how old you are, but if you are old enough to drive get your license and buy a car or have your mother get one.

  5. bullin says:

    The cool thing about being a grownup is that you get to make your own decisions and don’t have to answer to your children. If they are going to get a divorce then there is nothing you can do. You must be old enough to understand that.
    You can almost spell so think really hard. Wouldn’t your mom be happier without all the fighting and yelling all the time? Wouldn’t you be happier too?
    She can learn to drive that really isn’t a big deal.
    Everything will work out for the best.

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