Ok my mom is getting divorced tomrrow.This will be the secound time shes being divoced.
When she comes back after the divorce she is going to be VERY upset.
What are some things my brother and i can do for her that day?

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4 Responses to Divorce……………………………?

  1. magic monkey says:

    you would thought she’s used to it by now. take her out for a drink or go to chuck-e-cheese

  2. massiel248 says:

    stay out of her way!!

  3. Hayden's Mommy! says:

    That is SO incredibly sweet of you and your brother. :o) She’s a very lucky lady to have children as thoughtful as you. Consider getting her some flowers and maybe making her lunch/dinner? Or, taking her out to lunch. Sometimes the best thing to do is to get out there and continue living. Staying home may make her just dwell on it all and remain upset. You could also rent some funny movies and have a popcorn night. Things like that. Just keep trying to make her smile. :o)

  4. moody dude says:

    be nice cook supper and have flowers for her and a card that says we love you even if you can’t manage to have a marriage that lasts

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