A friend of mine is getting a divorce at the age of 19 and is going back to school. Can she still collect child support now that she is single and again and is back in school???

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  1. Jessie H says:

    Child Support stays in effect until the child is at least 18 years old. Check with your state.

  2. dwh12345 says:

    Of course..The father has to pay until child is at least 18

  3. Tinker1705 says:

    As long as the child is his or if he agreed to paternity when the child was born she has the right to it.

  4. nite_angelica says:

    Do you mean for herself from HER dad? No.

    Or.. does she have a baby by her soon to be ex-husband? Then yes.

  5. kja63 says:

    Child support is awarded to ensure for the proper care of any children. How old the Mom is isn’t relevant. It’s also irrelevant if the Mom is back in school. The money paid in child support is for the children, not the Mom.

  6. georgiabirdgirl says:

    Child support is for the children, not the ex. Does she have children with this guy? If so, he’ll have to pay child support on behalf of the children until the court order says he can stop (usually around 18). Alimony is something completely different, so make sure your friend understands what he’s paying and why.

  7. zajucomom says:

    My son is 19 and going to school. His school said" The parents are responsible for the child’s education till the child is 24." I done some research in most states it is 21.

  8. MAR says:

    The child support is determined based on the number of children and the father’s income- it is irregardless of the age, the occupation, and marital status of the mother.

  9. Steven says:

    Probably not but that’s most likely a case the lawyers would have to work out. A lot of factors would enter into the decision such as what, if any, settlement did she receive from the divorce.

  10. irish girl says:

    yeah don’t see why not. that sucks that she is going through this at such an early age.

  11. Mohammad A says:

    no objection,,sounds good,,,

  12. Barbara E says:

    Of course she can collect child support if the children reside with her most of the time. If she has them with a sitter while she is in school, they are still under her care because she pays the sitter and the sitter is responsible to her for the welfare of the children. However, if the father has them during the day and it has become a shared custody, if he is already supporting them half of the time, no one will pay any child support. If the father now has the children most of the time, your friend will be responsible to pay the support. It depends upon whose home the children reside in most of the time. If it is 50-50, no one pays. If it is one parent who has them most of the time, that parent can collect child support.

  13. Kailey says:

    Of course! Child support is for the child, it has nothing to do with what the mother is doing or not doing.

    I may be confused – does she want child support for her child or for herself??

    If she wants to collect it from her father for herself – the answer is no, she is not entitled to it anymore.

  14. Colleen O says:

    Is SHE getting child supprt from a parent or does she have a child?
    If SHE was getting child support before she got married she no longer qualifies for child support because when she got married she "emancipated" herself. In the support papers it says "Until minor child reaches age ___ or until minor child otherwise emancipates themself". Child support depends upon the state one lives in (In New York it is 21) and what the divorcing parents/court agrees upon (my daughter get’s child support until she is 24 as long as she stays in school). However once a minor child marries the support ends and can not be picked up again if that child divorces and goes back to school. She has already emanicpated herself there are no "do overs".

    If she has a child from the marriage then all she has to do is file for child support from the father, yes THAT child is entitled to support whether the mother is in school or working.

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