If unsure whether or not to divorce, but spouse is unwilling to try marriage counseling or personal counseling what is a person to do? If spouse has mental problem but will not get help, should the other spouse remain in the marriage?

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7 Responses to Divorce???

  1. JonnyL says:

    Try a pastor at a local church. Many times they may come to visit you at your house. The spouse may be more receptive to a pastor rather than a "shrink" or "counselor". That way, the pastor is visiting both, not just the one.

  2. blueberry says:

    no if he doesn’t want to get better leave

  3. littlemexie says:

    counseling on all matters

  4. crazy8eddie says:

    Even if he won’t go, you should see a counselor, but not necessarily a marriage counselor. The counselor can help you decide if there is anything you can do about this. If not, then you know you tried, and can seek a divorce with clear conscience. Your decision should be based on your best prospects for long term happiness versus short term pain. Luck.

  5. *Sunshine* says:

    If they are unwilling to put effort fourth to help save the marriage there is no there option then to file.

    If they have a mental issue and are also electively not seeking help for it the other spouse has a right to end the marriage because something is lacking…

    Hope we all help you and sorry for your situation.

  6. Joe P says:

    I gave my spouse a time limit she did not meet it so we divorced.

  7. box of rain says:

    If you married him, then you probably have mental issues as well.

    Go to counseling for yourself.

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