Lately I Have been wondering why people divorce eachother…and why there are so many unsuccessful relationships in the west.

I live in India and there are’nt many divorces here..My grandparents have been married for 60 years and are still happy,together.
My parents have been married for 30+ years and am sure they will stay together for the rest of their lives.
I am not saying these marriages are perfect.I have witnessed horrible fights .. But at the end of the day, one of them compromises.

Lately, divorces have become more frequent in India too.
Don’t you think our elders are setting a bad example for us..
I am 23 years old and am allready skeptical about marriage and I am sure a lot of people all over the world feel the same way..

Is there a way we can find a solution to this ??

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8 Responses to Divorce…..?

  1. Arthur Richards of Kent says:

    education brought the second class woman into the twentieth century and with brains you get equality the problem is in many other countries the woman is taught from birth to please her man and here the little girl are taught to think for themselves. It’s really not a problem but when you are a domestic goddess you aren’t going to likely find a free ride as easily as staying where you are on the other hand… If you work and make enough to carry you own weight when the old man comes home late smelling like a pub and with lipstick on his collar you are easy to say buck off fastard! and leave so you do the math there kiddo and figure with education and equality you get divorce increasing off the charts because now a days there no reason to put up with any ones B S

  2. Mean Carleen says:

    There is no solution. Couples are either able to work things out or not. Divorce is an open option and folk have the right to take that option if they feel the need. I believe the divorce rate will rise into the 70% percentile in the near future.

  3. lexi b says:

    Marriage like u know is not always perfect . My parents are divorced mainly because of different beliefs others are divorced because maybe they thought they were in love, but love means staying together forever so people who divorce didnt actually love each other . i dont think any one can find a solution to this life and love arent perfect and we always need help perhaps your family is careful about who they choose to marry.very careful.

  4. bwgood2003 says:

    the reason there are more divorces in my opinion is that we live in a throwaway world….if it’s broken throw it out and get a new one……people expect instant gratification instead of having to work through it and earn it………..

  5. starrjellie says:

    I think it’s because the western civilization lets its women have more rights than eastern civilization. women here have a right to choose whether or not to stay in a bad marriage – and they can even financially support themselves! what a horrible thing that has happened to MANkind.

  6. Junebug says:

    Too many people get married for the wrong reason, the only reason to get married is for love. As well, too many people think of divorce as an option from the beginning. If it doesn’t work there’s always divorce. I feel a divorce is necessary if it is an abusive relationship, and I can understand those who divorce because their spouse was unfaithful. But, I believe very strongly in marriage. If you are ready for marriage, it is a wonderful thing. My husband and I have two children and have been together for years an we are very happy. No marriage is perfect, but as long as both people work on it, marriage is wonderful. Marriage like life is what you make it.

  7. Blunt says:

    Yeah, there is a solution: Stop critizizing other people’s cultures, do you think that YOURS is any better? Gimme a break.

    Since you been so RUDE to judge the people in the west, let me ask you Samir:

    Why are there cast systems in the 21st century in India?

    Why women in your country are considered less than men?

    Why women get abortions in your country when they find out they are having girls instead of boys?

    Shame on you. Point the fingers in other direction buddy, if you don’t undesrtand something, then don’t judge.

  8. GRINDLE says:

    So very painful I have had a very unsetled upbrinigng and am just about to divorce for the 4th time I am heartbroken but on reflection wish I had a stable indian upbringing!!

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