Ok what is the problem with divorce. What are the legal battles that people go through. Situation with children. Is it the best thing to do. How do you view divorce?????

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9 Responses to Divorce…..?

  1. DS143 says:

    It costs lots more than just money. It’s a tightrope that you walk that can harm others as well as yourself.

  2. Mary O says:

    It cost alot of money if its contested, then you have child custody and if its what you want then get it but its best to try to work out problems before it comes to that if not then divorce is the only solution..

  3. Rug says:

    Been there! And it’s the absolute worst thing, I have ever done. She slept around on me? So she gets the Kids! Go Figure. If there is Kids? Think about them And let the Father have some Quality time with `em. Trust me!

  4. roadhunter02 says:

    The best way is to be on the same page with your ex. Fighting doesn’t solve anything just make you more angry. Try mediation. They work out everything with both parties.

  5. beccamcken says:

    The problems with divorce are that you experience emotions of sadness, grief, loss and dissapointment of not succeeding. The legal battles that you go through can be of the following: 1/ Splitting Assets 2/Children – residency/contact issues 3/Domestic Violence – AVO’s 4/Years of continued conflict if you have children involved.
    It can be the best thing to do if you are fighting in the household and there is no solution to the problem. I view divorce as a bitter experience for both parties and also at the same a relief if you knew the marriage was going anywhere. As the saying goes one door opens and one door closes.

  6. Reunited says:

    I costs a lot of money, it’s bad for the kids, and most of all, it hurts real deep inside.

  7. betrayed says:

    divorce… in my view, if possible please avoid at all cost especially if there’s children involved. I’m having problems with my husband as he cheat on me. but i have two most amazing kids. if i don’t have any children, i would have left my cheating husband and moved on with my life as i don’t think he deserve my love. but because of the presence of my two kids, i have to swallow the pill. it’s either i sacrifice myself or i sacrifice my kids and I’m not willing to sacrifice my kids as they are innocent. why should they suffer for their father’s mistake. try your best to rebuild your marriage though i know it’s really tough trust me! don’t ruin the kids life for the mistake that an adult make cos’ we’re are talking about their future here.

  8. girliegirl says:

    I view divorce as something that should be the LAST resort, not the first thing that comes to mind when a rough spot is hit. It seems that divorce is too easy to do. If there are children involved they are the ones that usually suffer the most. I think most marriage problems could be worked out, but it seems like most people aren’t willing to work on it, they think they can leave this person they built a life with and start fresh with someone else. The problem is, if they don’t’ resolve the issues in themselves that helped create the issues in the first place, they end up in the exact same situation as before, just with a different partner this time.
    In circumstances of abuse, it seems to be the opposite. It takes something extreme to happen before they leave. Those are the marriages that should be ended for the sake of everyone.
    Divorce can have devastating consequences on the kids, but too often they are a last thought. I always hear the kids will adjust. That’s true to a point, but they never fully adjust. They get used to seeing one parent every other weekend and all that, but there’s a lot of things that never get adjusted.

  9. joan_of_freakin_arc says:

    u loose someone u love, u loose their financial help, emotionally it does hurt, if u are not the one wanting it. but sometimes divorce is necessary, due to abuse, adultery, and not being on the same page about life. personally i hate divorce, and change in my life, i think that whenever possible people should try hard to work it out, and get along, but sometimes it just isn’t possible, when we are hurt because to stay in a hurtful place is to stay emotionally hurt.

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