Divorce ??

do parents deliberately try to be assholes to each other during divorce ? all they end up doing is making an ass out of themselves my mom is a bitch she is getting married to a man I dont like my dad is a dick bc he likes to treat me as his counselor. all they keep doing is making me not want to live with either of them btw my mom and dad haven’t even been split up for 3 months lil soon for my mother to get engaged eh ? yeah so I think they try to make each other sad but all the hell they are doing is hurting me !!!!!!!!!!!! What should I do ??????

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4 Responses to Divorce ??

  1. kim t says:

    I’m sorry you are going through this because of your parents, it’s going to hard on you seeing how bad they behave. Your dad should keep you out of the picture… and your mom is going to get engaged, good Lord!!!! How old are you?? Can you talk to the judge about having you live with a better family member????? I’m so sorry you have to see parents act like this.

  2. TOUCH says:

    divorce ur parents ..and go and stay with a close relative

  3. Konstantin says:

    have fun and make it even more miserable for them

  4. valerie says:

    You now what you should sit down with your mom and dad and say what you are feeling and see what they say and tell them that it is hurting you.

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