My parents just got a divorce, and i cant stop freaking out about it. I feel like i dont even want to live. please i need some advice!

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  1. sportsfun14 says:

    hey dont worry my parents r gonna get divorced 2 and its so pressure i cry all the time dont worry when my mom told me that she was leaving my dad my life completly fell apart all the fighting and the cout soon i know its alot but dont worry u will get through cause i used to think that my life was over but its not hang out wit friends have fun do something coool but dont worry u will get over it soon and u will get used to it!! good luck if u want to talk emal me!!

  2. Paul says:

    My parents were divorced. It affected me for a long time. Now, I have been married twenty years and I treat my marriage like it were made of gold. What you are feeling is natural – I felt the same way – but it doesn’t dictate who YOU are or how you will live YOUR life.

  3. c5310 says:

    It will be ok. Time is the only cure. Keep your head up and take it day by day.

  4. Bubbles1165 says:

    your parents love you, and as long as they dont try to make you choose one or the other, its between them and has nothing to do with you.

  5. kathyw says:

    It’s sad when parents divorce. However, ask yourself: since you know at least some friends whose parents have divorced (you must since the divorce rate is high in this country) or who parents are on second or third marriages, can you tell that they have lives that are normal and even happy? Well, that will be you too, eventually. Everyone needs some time to mourn a divorce, even your parents need time to mourn their divorce. You will get through it, hang in there, kid!

  6. Ria S says:

    there is nothing in this world worth not living for just take it day by day and it will only make you a stronger person just think if this is what they wanted they they are just happier better people apart who still love you and will do anything they need for you it doesn’t change there feeling for you

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