hey, i’m doing a 10 minute speech and the topic is divorce and how it affects people physically, emotionally, financially. i was wondering if you’ve had an experience or know someone with a story that you’d be willing to share with me that involves any of those 3 characteristics. i’ve gone through three divorces with my parents so i know how it affected me and my parents. i was trying to get someone else’s perspective/outlook as well. thanks for your time.

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  1. beaners1229 says:

    Physically and emotionally I felt like I’d been run over by a train. I was one of those people who tried not to let my emotions show on the outside, but keeping everything in physically tore me up…I had health problems and my body was actually sore, like I’d been beaten up. Financially I was ok, I had a good job and my ex gave us support…and eventually everything turned out great…I remarried a wonderful guy, my daughter (13) so far is turning out great.

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