Divorce 101 EPO Part 4 Law Society FAIL.wmv

Law Society FAIL – this video is advocating that the Law Society take action on the many complaints they get by setting an example so that more lawyers follow the Code of Conduct properly. I am not asking you to pick sides on my personal case just if you have had unfair treatment from a lawyer send the fax I mention in video asking for change. Thanks for doing your good deed of the day! Please watch part 5 Collin Initiative. My email vapor114@hotmail.com Divorce Law in Alberta is not working. The lawyers should be ashamed. Then you have a Law Society stand by and watch paid for by lawyers which makes for a complete conflict of interest. This is directly a disgrace to society! million dollars per year is spent on investigations of lawyer misconduct with little to no success of curbing the abuses. Also most folks settling their property settlement before a fair assessment because they run out of money to get their side properly judged. Legal costs the lawyers are stealing from these newly separated hurt, wounded and mourning people, at a 50% divorce rate is sucking, I estimate 5 to 10% of all personal assets, a huge waste of our real economic dollars or gross domestic product (GDP). I know you Canadians are passive folks but just by hitting the like button and sharing this clip you will be showing your outrage. Let me stand out in front of the court house for you protesting and asking for a real review with solutions.

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