Dirty Den gives Angie divorce papers for Christmas – EastEnders – BBC

Your chance to watch one of the most infamous EastEnders couples, Angie and Den Watts (Leslie Grantham and Anita Dobson), crumble under the harsh glare of a buzzing Christmas Queen Vic! Remember the moment Den discovered the truth about his alcoholo loving wife? Watch the iconic video here and don’t forget to click beneath the video to watch in high quality!

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25 Responses to Dirty Den gives Angie divorce papers for Christmas – EastEnders – BBC

  1. Amrit1200 says:

    everyone so young

  2. xneveigoex says:

    u shud of put bradleys death

  3. EWAUltimate says:

    “Happy Christmas Ang!” lmfao

  4. PurpleStarfish213 says:

    Ooh My Gawd – Look at Dot and Pat!

  5. Cinderella73 says:

    if my husband did that to me on christmas day id kick him in the balls haha

  6. TotallyDramaQueen05 says:

    wait a minute…so angie is married 2 this other guy then she as an affair with this den person n he threw sum sort of christmas celebration n then tell her that her husben’s devorcing her??? nasty or wat???

  7. bobpearce1958 says:

    Dirty Den and Nick Cotton are bad boys
    Following by Sean Slater and Phil Mitchell, Then comes Grant Mitchell, Then comes Archie Mitchell

  8. VioletSpanxx says:

    Pat was hot!…ish lol

  9. IFINES7x187I says:

    look wen it was put up loll 1986 :L

  10. CheesyChed09 says:

    Lol uploaded in 1986 😛

  11. mousstard says:

    after they got divorced, angie married some gutiarist in some british rock band (I think it might be Queen) and he became an alcholic

  12. JohnAdams198805 says:

    so was pauline

  13. JohnAdams198805 says:

    what was the song called in the background can some 1 tell me please thanks

  14. dorkandproud says:

    Unsubscribe EastEnders

    25 Dec 1986 <– they can change dates on videos? o.o

  15. freddiem73 says:

    is this love, alison moyet I think

  16. peediefry says:

    Angie told Den (who is her husband) that she had 6 months to live, he found out it was a lie so he told her he was going to devorcing her.

  17. Threading30 says:

    nah Den Is the original, than Grant. When Den left, Grant saved and made the show!

  18. urbanfreeflow5 says:

    this my SWEET

  19. MapleAndAnimeCrazy says:

    Den is the best soap character EVER. Fact

  20. leahcharliephillips says:

    yer init he was a laugh this my sweet lol

  21. leahcharliephillips says:

    lol dots hair

  22. east215 says:

    Den was a bastard and Angie was a hoe!

  23. MeBenHalpin says:

    @mountainbmx Lol they sure it was defintly his corpse, they dragged from The Vic the 2nd time round, where as they dragged the wrong body from the canal.

  24. backpackcamera says:

    there was a episode that’s just den and ange arguing the whole episode no-one else is in it just the 2 of them sreaming at each other all over the pub anyone got that?

  25. DianeMarie5930 says:

    Thanks for posting this early EastEnders! Here in the U.S. we can’t watch episodes on the main web site.

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