Did the youngest students who died in Virginia Tech have wills?

What happened to their personal belongings like, their private journals and things they didn’t want their parents/family to see..?

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    4 Responses to Did the youngest students who died in Virginia Tech have wills?

    1. Kekionga says:

      Probably not. Young people believe they will live forever and rarely get anything like a will that would point to their own mortality.

      Those private things they didn’t want their parents to see are probably the most cherished items their parents have left now. The young people are dead, so their personal thoughts are quite treasured by those left behind. The kids won’t be using them again and their hopes and wishes will never be realized because of their tragic deaths.

      You are never too young to get a will, and you can change it at any time as your life changes. So go ahead and check it out.


    2. peanut44 says:

      Don’t know.

    3. redunicorn says:

      Most people don’t have wills and young people don’t plan on dying so they don’t think about wills. I didn’t have a will until I had a child and I had to make sure of someone to raise my child in case I died.

      So their personal effects went to their families.

    4. TW K says:

      Perhaos their friends took care of all that…..

      TW K

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