Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher Divorce

Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher getting ready for a 0 Million divorce. Ashton is linked to a hot little blonde named Sara. But apparently, Demi and Ashton have been separated for several months now. So, I guess it’s not technically cheating? Ashton Kutcher has Two and a Half Men….and young blondes. Please like me on Facebook: ContactEmail: Official Site: www.MyNinjas.TV Buy some SNW Swag: Last Video: Show Nobody Watches The Series: Today’s SNW T-Shirt Winner is: hallfamilysince1990 All music in this video was created by Dana Marshall using Magix Music Maker 16 Premium. This video was edited using Magix Movie Edit Pro 17.

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    24 Responses to Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher Divorce

    1. rondygal says:

      Nope, didn’t see that comin..(cough)..what??

    2. rondygal says:

      Nope, didn’t see that comin..(cough)..what??

    3. VillageOfGeeks says:


    4. justbeingme232 says:

      nope i would have never EVER guessed that XD

    5. PLFields1111 says:

      Maybe he liked Sara Lee’s muffin? And thanks for not showing your “thanger” again in this video. I’m still confused.

    6. blockme73 says:

      me likey favey,and havey t shirty pleasey

    7. abugslife88 says:

      OMg they cant divorce its all just so Ashton can get more views on two an a half men and i like an fave’d i love this show

    8. TakingChicagoByStorm says:

      Am I the only person who doesn’t follow any of this and didn’t even know Ashton and Demi were married?! Am I the only one..? Damn.

    9. talienasdfly says:

      Like-d and fave-d! 🙂
      Demi was too hot for him anyways, even at her age!

    10. MichaelAlvarez123987 says:

      You should grow out your beard!

    11. Jorddielove says:

      OMG you’re right. Ashton Kutcher married Demi Moore who posed naked in Vanity Fair, which also was the title of a movie starring Reese Witherspoon who was once married to Ryan Phillippe who was nominated for a MTV movie award for Best Male performance in “Cruel Intentions” who also starred Sarah Michelle Geller who played “SORROW” with Kevin Bacon who played “LOVE” in the movie “The Air I Breathe”…therefore SORROW MOORE NO LOVE KUTCHER and its all Kevin Bacon’s fault lol 6 degrees 🙂

    12. allyh2007 says:

      Well he’s no Charlie Sheen is he

    13. Rainstarx says:

      I keep listening to a radio station in the morning where the DJ’s are telling jokes and talking about funny shit and this guys name on the radio station is Elvis and he reminds me of you 😀

    14. grumpy150 says:

      Hey KOOL-AID ! Did’nt Charlie Sheen bang Kevin Bacon directly ? Nicholas Cage banged Lisa Marie Presley who was married to Michael Jackson so they… Oh never mind that wont work at all, we all saw Michael and Marie kiss on TV and I’m sure they never bumped uglies… Shiver….

    15. PurpleandBlackPandas says:

      I like your shirt. Hehe. I like-eh-doo-dahed and favorited…. Teeeee

    16. Yummy9311 says:

      Paula Abdul and Simon Cowel are so bumping uglies!

    17. MeanStang08 says:

      roflmao…@ j-lo in my mind.. hey hey hey.. no wait.. thats fat albert not kool-aid man.. lol.. hmm.. I have no idea anybody famous who is bumpin uglies.. I just know that i’m not with anybody famous… =p

    18. Shutterbug1000 says:

      Funny stuff!!!!!!!!

    19. TheFabs02 says:


    20. norb1937 says:

      Get a decent haircut. Not one that looks like they cut it with a bowl on your head and cut with a broken beer bottle.

    21. ShowNobodyWatches says:

      @norb1937 I was hoping some old troll would give me a beauty tip today! Sweet.

    22. norb1937 says:

      @ShowNobodyWatches According to the nypost they are reunited and lovey dovey. While Bruce Willis is in the background laughing his ass off.

    23. ShowNobodyWatches says:

      @Rainstarx Elvis Duran?

    24. LAHippieChick says:

      Its cause Ashton is gonna be MIINE!!! XD

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