David After the Divorce

See more UCB Comedy www.ucbcomedy.com Subscribe to UCB http Parody of “David After the Dentist” YouTube vid. – footage of a guy immediately following his divorce. My buddy David was PRETTY out of it after his divorce proceedings. Conceived by Adam Pally, shot by Chris Kula. If you liked this, check out more hilarious videos at WWW.UCBCOMEDY.COM

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25 Responses to David After the Divorce

  1. RocHardMusik says:

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  2. TheCueguy says:

    this is a low video sucks

  3. drzariel25 says:

    thz suks

  4. wear174 says:

    is this gonna be forever? no n-n ya probably

  5. Efon33 says:

    @Phantompl0x what duz IMO mean?

  6. Phantompl0x says:

    @Efon33 In my opinioun

  7. qazzer911 says:

    Whate no stay in your seat. AHH!!!!!!
    No no put that away where not getting drunk its 10 in the morning
    Wheres my wedding ring?
    Is this gona be forever? I wouldn’t I wouldn s- yah probably

  8. akuroku0013 says:

    “is this gonna be forever?” “no i wouldnt…yeah probobly” LMAO

  9. BigAgitator says:

    @Efon33 In My Opinion

  10. marymaxinesoriano says:

    he look like edward 🙂

  11. Kierakittie says:

    do I still have children? LAWLZ

  12. anikaisbff994 says:

    txt me everybody

  13. 1Plyfah says:

    LMAO !!!!!!

  14. TZOLSON says:

    2:11 i will never get back faggot

  15. lokey745 says:

    So what if its ten in the morning!!!!

  16. seasonsbleed says:

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  17. anyring00 says:

    hahah thiss iss’ soo funny (x ahahah

  18. dreamer35806 says:

    ahhhhhh! lmfao that shit is sick!

  19. niss519 says:

    Hahah ” where’s my weeding ring”

  20. acoyia says:

    Do I still have children? ROFL…She’s in love with Lamar Odom!!! LOL

  21. avarocks1234 says:

    i love this video! where’s my wedding ring? hahaha

  22. ioergerbomb16 says:

    that was not near as good as David after drugs

  23. ioergerbomb16 says:

    actually wasnt too bad… my bad

  24. conflictcommando says:

    more like david is drunk

  25. CooKiiEMoNSHTa says:


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