D’Atra Hicks appearance on Divorce Court 9/6/2010

D’Atra Hicks from numerous Tyler Perry plays appearing on Divorce Court 9/6/2010…Please comment and subscribe

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    25 Responses to D’Atra Hicks appearance on Divorce Court 9/6/2010

    1. Thisistheplcetobe says:

      Lady:Why Are You Talking While Im Taking
      Datra:Yeahhh Yeahhhhhhh Yeahhhhhhh YEahhhhhh Yeahhhhh Yeahhhh

    2. lturner9206 says:


    3. lturner9206 says:

      OK>>TMI….& only a face that a mother can love

    4. Chelseaowo says:

      D’atra Is a funny, beautiful, classy woman! she doesn’t need someone like that.

    5. MARRIBREZZY says:

      @atruesoutherngal hahahahahahahahahahahahaha omgggg tht is soooo true !!!! 🙂

    6. daddysPmommysW says:


    7. Talented903 says:

      dats the dude from detrick haddon movie he played the bishop look it up but i think they got payed for this

    8. LADEEJAY123 says:

      Damn…All gods children are beautiful lmao!!!!

    9. LADEEJAY123 says:

      Lol that was awesome. I already knew by the way she acted on Tyler Perry plays she was a drama queen in real life!!!

    10. kaione01 says:

      This Is Pure Comedy . #LMAO

    11. Mzlollyd21 says:

      that is my girl… she was abt to knock him and that ugly ass woman in the red out . she ain’t playing… “WHY IS YOU TALKING WHILE I’M TALKING”….WHOW ,YEA YEA, YEA, O YEA, O YEA YEA LMAO.

    12. LongLiveHass says:

      This is some black shit right here lmaooooooooooo

    13. cenafunful says:

      this is hilarious

    14. Imforeverone88 says:

      Yep that judge said the truth.

    15. 21sttnmemphis says:

      Funny but Ms. Hicks is so dumb

      She didn’t this coming THERE’s UGLY DUMB PEOPLE ONLINE

      But funny though

    16. hackleback says:

      Dude looks like Mr Potato head

    17. MichaelaLaciee says:

      He Was On Deitrick Haddon’s Blessed & Cursed . He Played The Bishop !

    18. 1Nbillion817 says:

      9:07- YOUR HONOR!! YOUR HONOR!!!

    19. lilstewie126 says:

      bitch look like a burnt crispy Kat Stacks

    20. Cecewinansfan says:

      So fake ans stupid!

    21. Conqueror7785 says:

      That chick in the red look like some ole’ clay face assed prostitute from the “bottoms”!! LOL And as I take inventory, what woman still wears shit wid shoulder pads that big??!! And lest I comment on the “wonder woman” wig? I think not….

    22. MyDaiLyJurneii says:


    23. LMURPHY86 says:

      thats crazy she is from tyler perry.

    24. chrisandrenita says:

      These are actors…both Nortrice and D’Atra have been in Stage plays since the 90’s…A Good Man is Hard to Find. This cannot be a coincidence-it has to be actors using their acting skills, smh…

    25. WhiteboiKris says:

      Lol He came on youtube and disliked this video…

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