Dance, Divorce, and Deflower

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    25 Responses to Dance, Divorce, and Deflower

    1. kicksNsticks says:


    2. grozemaatjuh says:

      good commentary woody, but you got totally shit on in this gameplay xd

    3. MrPainapplez says:

      wow woody
      i like this, GREAT advice:)
      it gives a better insight
      i also like the non 30-2 gameplay

    4. MrBionicNinja says:

      Another Road to Wife video!!

    5. MoMan711 says:

      @joonsoon2011 Not what I meant. I meant that he said all the reasons to use a condom except the fact that he needs to use one to not get her pregnant.

    6. blahblah123685 says:

      @Ianoodin Wings wishes he was me, kill a 13 year old with maglite? wtf are you on about you sad little fuck, get out of your parents basement.

    7. C0dK1ll3r514 says:

      this video is 12:34 1234 like if u noticed

    8. TheRexx101 says:

      @HaydenII i was 7 and my parents got in to verbal wars and then things started getting abusive and i was a caring kid and tried to stop it buti just got hit so my parents slipt and i live with my mom and i got it pretty good.( in a good way)so yeah me and dad are getting things back to gether and stuf so yeah.

    9. TWIST3DTWINKI3 says:

      i fucking love this series

    10. TheMIghtyElmo says:

      my advice for sex: make sure you do lots of foreplay you wanna make sure her pussy is nice and wet when u insert

    11. ABomm77 says:

      That divorce story was so sad

    12. Ianoodin says:

      @blahblah123685 Ha yeah thank’s for proving my point definetly more respectable then you and the maglite reference was when he said he would hit a 13 year with a maglite on PKA when some 13 year old said he’s a moronic imbacile for not knowing you don’t need a passport to go to washington, anyway you’re lame trashing internet personalities and 15 year old’s really if you’re 21 act your damn age.Well im going to watch the Sabres game peace Internet Baller good luck with the whole getting pussy.

    13. xLegacyGamingx says:

      @Ianoodin THAT is a perfect example of a run on sentence

    14. dillonbops says:

      great vid, but you die while trying to use your equipment/ grenades a lot lol

    15. batesisbeast says:

      lol stealth napalm

    16. Ianoodin says:

      @xLegacyGamingx Okay mr.perfect think’s he has perfect grammar you should actually know the proper definetion of what you’re accusing someone of doing before you accuse them,i.e. a run on sentence is the use of a comma to join to seperate causes when clearly both of the sentenced I joined with a comma where about the same topic.Just because a sentence is long doesn’t make it a run on sentence it just mean’s I had a lot to say about that perticular topic which in this case was this man’s ignoranc

    17. TheMrCrazies says:

      Your awesoem woody!

    18. meonwii says:

      @Ianoodin You have terrible grammar.

    19. thehockeykid7979 says:

      @ryantweedle give me a break. If you didn’t like the video don’t watch it.

    20. Megg028 says:

      Woody, I really like your advice on life. You and Nanners have are definitely my favourite commentators. <3

    21. lordfirecrotch94 says:

      10:48 team flak

    22. z59FIFTYz says:

      Woody for president!!!! \m/

    23. macjimbob23 says:

      @C0dK1ll3r514 if i didn’t notice can i dislike??
      no so dont ask for likes!

    24. kylebroflovski123 says:

      Thank you Dr. Phil.

    25. Ianoodin says:

      @meonwii I ran out of room to write. Also instead of just insulting my grammar, show me some constructive critizism and maybe I will learn douche.

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