Craig Ferguson and the Divorce Fair

The Late Late Show host ponders a trip to Austria

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25 Responses to Craig Ferguson and the Divorce Fair

  1. lostpolly says:

    yea so did sean connery and gerard butler. its not like we’re exclusive. there are quite a number of u.s. celebrities that come from europe. and several other places as well. we’re not dumb.

  2. mupmjtp says:

    hahaha, nice, I just found out that, apparently, I am a proud resident of….. BOB 🙂

    great show, by the way 😀

  3. laggie24 says:

    I’m laughing now … I am “only” 59 … so I got another year hummm ??? Like the future of Madonna …Express yourself… wet yourself….haaaaaa…haaaaaa..that was great …tks. Craig 🙂

  4. jantheman18 says:

    sorry m8 no offense ryt but americans r quite dumb. To back tht up i’ll just tht ya’lll have chosen Gorge W. Bush for the presidency and tht i think clearly show how dumb the bigger half of ur nation is. How could u choose a stupid,Texan low life like him for the presidency?

  5. lostpolly says:

    obviously you did mean offense jantheman 18. first of all what difference does it make that he’s from texas. you don’t know one thing about texas or texans so can ignorant bullshit. second of all we all did not elect george bush. 3rd, contrary to popular belief, american presidents are not elected purely by majority of the people. n hindsight is 20/20 isn’t it? who knows obama could prove to b worse than bush. how r we supposed to know?? fuck, craig chose to become a citizen, enough said.

  6. GeneralR110 says:

    “Stupid Texan low life” as he may be, he probably types better than you. I don’t mind you insulting America, especially not calling its people stupid, but if you’re going to, you better at least not make yourself look stupid in the process.

  7. jantheman18 says:

    True i dunno shit bwt texas and texans,yet i do know they r racist,ignorant americans who think life and world ends outside texas. Also it will take quite a man to do worse then Bush. Also anywhere in the world when u ask a random person what are americans known to be the answer will be one of those three:dumb,fat or fascinated with big things.Just so yall know i bloody like america.Theres things in that country tht are found nowhere else in the world(big buildings,baseball,NHL,dave chappelle)

  8. jantheman18 says:

    I just watched tht vid for like the 10th time and i was still bursting with laugh.

    PS. Bush does not type better than me…a chimpanze types better then him.

  9. genie02 says:

    jantheman18 other countries have big buildings aswell

  10. LadyRose1985 says:

    We do not elect based on popular vote. We elect based on electoral college. Controversial, yes. But that’s how it is.

  11. WonModeerf says:

    Learn how to type, then you can insult whomever you want.

  12. 12thKnightOfJustice says:

    fuck you! hell we’re no oompa loompa country… but still funny…

  13. Jessica0709 says:

    Please join my Facebook group “Give Craig Ferguson an Emmy for The Late Late Show!!” 😉 You can follow me on the tweetie-bird as well: @MsFredriksson

  14. oldikins says:

    Seeing Craig in person is a personal treat. He is much more handsome in person and the atmosphere at his show is a crackup. I love his humor…….though he can be equally serious at times, and is so intellectual. What a combination. Never dull.

  15. nrandom123 says:

    losing half of your stuff twice. That’s one fourth buddy. I’m a nerd. ): Craig still makes me laugh more than most talk show hosts.

  16. AshLuvsJonnyStew says:

    @oldikins I’m going to see him (hopefully) in October! I can’t wait! Does anyone know if he’s fairly easy to get an autograph from after his shows? Thanks 😀

  17. AshLuvsJonnyStew says:

    @gozimus — agreed…ALWAYS funny. I love Conan but sometimes his humor falls flat, whereas Craig ALWAYS has me dying of laughter 🙂

  18. oldikins says:

    Are you going to see him at the taping of the show, or at one of his standup shows? He does not do any autographs after the tapings…….once its over, he thanks everyone and is gone. I have also heard that he sneaks in before the tapings with a wig on. Not sure if that is true or not.
    I have not seen him in standup so don’t know what his choice is there, but I have a friend who is going to see him soon. Will let you know.

  19. AshLuvsJonnyStew says:

    @oldikins – I’m going to see him live at a stand-up show 🙂

  20. oldikins says:

    You might have a chance then. Good luck! At the studio in Hollywood, they don’t even have any merch with his name, only the show. Even though they have a Drew Carey bobblehead doll! They should have one each of Craig, …………….. and Geoff Peterson!

  21. outsideredge says:

    “You must be this bitter to go on the rides” LOL

  22. darkdante14 says:

    LMAO xDD

  23. EvilKris says:

    the madonna at 60 impression made me chuckle hahaha

  24. lijluvr356 says:

    @oldikins Is it even possible to be more handsome than this? At all events, if ANYONE could do it, it is certainly Craig Ferguson. You’re so lucky to have seen him!

  25. JonetaDonsa says:

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