Collaborative Divorce – Beryl McNeill Lawyer & Mediator

Beryl McNeill is a Registered Collaborative Family Lawyer & Mediator based in Calgary, AB. Collaborative divorce is a non-adversarial negotiating process, usually characterized by a series of meetings between the parties and their lawyers (and sometimes outside professionals for support and assistance), with a commitment to the following : negotiating the dissolution of your marriage in an atmosphere of honesty, co-operation, integrity and professionalism geared toward your future well-being and the well-being of your family; giving full, honest and open disclosure of all relevant information, whether requested or not; protecting the privacy, respect and dignity of all involved; maintaining a high standard of integrity and specifically will not take advantage of your spouse, and will not take advantage of the miscalculations or inadvertent mistakes of others, and; no contested court applications. A Registered Collaborative Family Law Lawyer has special training in the Harvard Model of Interest Based Negotiation Theory (based on the Win-Win Paradigm set out in “Getting to Yes” by Roger Fisher and William Ury). They also have a minimum of 40 hours of Family Mediation Training.

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    8 Responses to Collaborative Divorce – Beryl McNeill Lawyer & Mediator

    1. spotspotize says:

      This is inspirational in defining the Collaborative Divorce process and clearly outlining the benefits of a non adverserial process to resolving marital dispute.

      Robert Colby, Psychologist, Vancouver, B.C.

    2. bradhunter7 says:

      Hi Beryl

      Great piece.


    3. mmday777 says:

      What a powerful paradigm to protect the dignity, integrity and long-term interests of all family members.

      Maggie Day, Teacher, Cold Lake, AB

    4. HeritageLaw1 says:

      Great job on a wonderful, informative video!

      Nicole Garton-Jones, Heritage Law, West Vancouver, BC

    5. gerdkawalle says:


    6. 8onb says:

      Well done, keep up the good work
      Aiton Birnbaum, Divorcing Peacefully, Israel

    7. kmschrey1 says:

      Beryl, this is wonderful. It could be applied in so many conflicts in our world today.
      karen Schrey

    8. hoodoo419 says:

      Great Video Beryl!

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