Class Report: Collaborative Divorce

Ms. Murphy’s class is back! Eric has a report for the class and it’s about Collaborative Divorce. VACP Video Contest 3rd Place Winner.

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4 Responses to Class Report: Collaborative Divorce

  1. vohnsacutie says:

    Go guys you rock… that cool black man is amazing I like him… He didn’t say anything but I know for a fact they guy can act me.. and I’m not saying that as a joke! Hollywood here he comes and I’m going to be the first person (of course in the front row) to see these guys. yup yup! * hopes these guys have no clue who she is… wear skii mask so they can’t see her face*

  2. tjester75 says:

    Nice video!

  3. PalmettoDoc says:

    Great video. Very informative and the kids dialogue made it interesting. Well done.

  4. lilawgirl says:

    great job!

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