Christina Milian Sets the Record Straight about her Divorce from The Dream

Christina Milian talks exclusively to Wendy Williams about her divorce from The Dream.

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    25 Responses to Christina Milian Sets the Record Straight about her Divorce from The Dream

    1. sophisticatedplayboy says:

      you woman are stupid!
      you have something good an it never enough!
      always complain!
      fuck you you black coon!

    2. shapree23 says:

      @sophisticatedplayboy wtf fuck you black women have to have support to when theres a baby involved an if he could he would do it to

    3. coolin7000 says:

      she is incredibly fine

    4. coolin7000 says:

      FUCK ALL these bastards, And-I-a-wonna-uh-suck-on-christina-a-lul-booty-hole.

    5. coolin7000 says:

      when you drivin ‘nat truck/
      nigga, you better not fuck/
      wit them pussy-givin-gizzards/
      that they call “lot lizards”///

      nigga, get that pussy

    6. uanitylacle says:

      never get a tat!

    7. LilAntLee says:

      dream stupid as fuck…she a keeper

    8. Sweetyfashonista says:


    9. godswarrior916 says:

      the dream is smoking crack christina is so beautiful and talented unlike most singers now days… your a fool for that one dream i will take her all day potna

    10. babybobs6 says:

      She seems like she has it together – seems down to earth 🙂

    11. 90mv says:

      dream must of had a heck of a personality to get with milian

    12. levantm says:

      damn i’m never going back on media take out again…..their stories are NEVER true! wtf……utter waste of time

    13. MrDingDongPong says:

      Tbh that fact that he is isn’t in her league looks wise makes me respect Christina Milian even more.. it shows that she doesn’t base it on looks only but also on personality, too bad she judged this fat dude wrong :/

    14. athenamarie11 says:

      christina milian is a fool, she is always looking for black men with money.

    15. athenamarie11 says:

      who cares if she is CUBAN! she need to go back to school, and stop looking for men to pay for her in life. Her mother is greedy, so she is greedy.

    16. King00000000000000 says:

      THE DREAM IS ONE DUMB MOTHERFUCKER, HE cheated on her for some flabby whore

    17. lookatdadamage94 says:

      @772577Mario shes not tan shes black idiot. shes afro cuban

    18. ShynAwkward says:

      Why are people here commenting like they know Christina personally?

      Saying that the men are fools for breaking up with her. She might be a complete bitch in real life…. you really don’t know!

      I think she’s sweet & beautiful, but I ‘ve dated pretty girls who seem nice to everybody on the outside, but on the inside they can be rotten, money-hungry backstabbers!

      Please stop judging people on looks as it tells you nothing about a person’s character.
      Peace & Luv….

    19. athenamarie11 says:

      Christina should stick to Acting, because Christina can not SING WORTH A SHIT! ‘GOD HELP US ALL.

    20. athenamarie11 says:

      The dream is not Dumb’ all christina milian wants is the-dream MONEY.

    21. athenamarie11 says:


    22. brebrecouture says:

      shes too bomb for him

    23. hmongbiggie8 says:

      the dream ugly ass left her??? damn, that dudes got mad problems

    24. princessbarbie1ify says:

      how dare The Dream do christina MiLian Like that. -&&’ you wanna buiLd ah frndshipp between you 2? you Kiddinqq Me? No chris, you Need 2 Jus’ focus on you -&&’ your dauqhhter. your 2 beautifuL 2 qo throuqhh that aqain qirL.

    25. porkopr1de says:

      lol does dream have issues???…ffs as if your gnna give up super gorgeous humble woman like her…..if only i was rich haha

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