Can you file a personal injury claim with 2 insurance companies?

I was injured a rear-end collision. The at-fault driver was driving an insured vehicle that belongs to his friend. The driver also has insurance. Can I file a claim with the insurance covering the vehicle as well as with the insurance of the at-fault driver?

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4 Responses to Can you file a personal injury claim with 2 insurance companies?

  1. gare says:

    Yes. You should file against ALL potentially liable entities, including your own. They will figure out who should pay what to whom. All claims may not be honored, such as the one to your own company, but they will help settle it because they do NOT want to have to pay anything. Make sure you let each them know all of the filings made.

    If you are looking for monetary reimbursement for injuries, you may mention a sum and the potential to speak with an attorney, a counter offer will most likely be made, if not an outright payment.

    You may get an attorney if you like, but expect at least 33% of any payment to go to them. This is sort of a waste unless you are hurt badly.

  2. Nunoyvgvna Awi says:

    I’d ask an attorney this over kids from yahoo answers….this might fall into insurance fraud for doing identical claims.

  3. slim_shadycb says:

    you can file claims with both insurance companies. but the companies will talk to each other and figure out what’s going on. They won’t pay you twice – so don’t try it.

  4. Emily B says:

    You cannot collect for the same injury twice.

    Depends on your state and the wording of the policies involved…but likely the insurance on the VEHICLE is primary…the insurance on the DRIVER is secondary. Contact the company insuring the vehicle first and attempt to file an injury claim there.

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