Can we live together after divorce to raise children in Texas ?

My spouse wants an uncontested divorce. Since we have little child she is offering me the option to live in the same house for a few years till the kid grows older. Is it legal in Texas to live with ex-spouse after an uncontested divorce. Do judges look for a cohabitation clause in the decree.

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    4 Responses to Can we live together after divorce to raise children in Texas ?

    1. Hal says:

      You’re welcome to do that. Cohabitation mostly comes into the picture as a reason for stopping alimony, but I bet there’s no alimony involved in your case. Also, it’s possible your husband could claim that y’all have remarried, perhaps by common-law (without formal ceremony) and use that as a basis for stopping child support, but that would be unusual, and not drop-dead easy to do.

    2. Firelock says:

      Unless there’s a restraining order or some other specific legal barrier in place, you can live with whoever you want to live with, whether you used to be married to them or not. It might make some difference in the child support arrangements if the two of you are sharing household expenses.

    3. Sally says:

      There’s not a problem that I know of. A lot of people get along better not married, than married.

    4. Liu Li says:

      no problem,it’s better for the child.

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