Can my husband forge a divorce from me without my knowing and get remarry?

This woman claim she and my husband got married in Jamaica in June,2008.She also said he showed her proof that he and I are divorce.But, to my knowledge I did not get serve with a divorce from him.Can he have forge my signature for a divorce?Even though he know where I live to serve me with a divorce papers.Could he have falsely stated he don’t know where I am?How can I find out if he forge our divorce and if their marriage was legal or illegal?Please help me find out!Thank you!

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7 Responses to Can my husband forge a divorce from me without my knowing and get remarry?

  1. Wamishda says:

    aww, i’m soo sorry to hear that, sweetie. i hope things do turn out well for you.

    i hope that at least makes you feel better, darling =D

  2. gottaloveredroses says:

    Ask him?

  3. carol c says:

    go to your local court house and ask them for a copy of your divorce decree…if there is one they should have a copy..and by the way you do have to sign…looks like someone is lieing…does he know he could go to jail?

  4. Mother2 says:

    ask him

  5. paigespeace says:

    I think it depends upon your state. If I remember correctly last year when I divorced my husband, I was told that if he refused to sign the papers or if i did not know where he was to serve him with the divorce papers, then all I would have to do was run a legal notice in the paper for our area (in this case, our local newspaper under ‘legal notices’) for 4 weeks consecutive. He would then be able to respond to that legal notice by appearing in court, if he didn’t show up….boom! I would get my divorce.
    My husband signed.
    So, you may want to simply contact him and ask for a copy of the divorce papers. If he denies you of that but states that you are divorced ask for the file #, so that you may go down to the Clerk’s office and get a copy for yourself.

  6. Jaweast says:

    Ask which court they sent to and get a copy of the paperwork.

  7. tlogan says:

    Yes, it’s possible to divorce someone without them knowing about it. To do this, the person filing the divorce would have to claim he did not know his spouse’s whereabouts. The process usually works like this:
    1) File petition for divorce
    2) Make an attempt to locate spouse, usually posting notice in the newspaper for a certain amount of time.
    3) If spouse doesn’t respond after a certain amount of time, the divorce can be finalized even without their consent.

    This is good in cases where one spouse has been abandoned and can’t locate their spouse. Of course if the spouse really did know the whereaboutss of the person they were divorcing and claimed they didn’t to the court, they would be breaking the law.

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