Can I start a Divorce right after applying for Citizenship?

One of the 2 requirements to apply for citinzenship is have 3 years with a Green Card and remain married with an US citizen. I fall in that category, by my quesiton is after applying for Citizenship…starting the divorce paperwork…That won’t affect my application with inmigration?
I checked USCIS already is nothing there…
iF I was a scum as u said paying for paperwork I woulnd’t be speaking english either.
That’s true, the people in this country doesn’t deserve a truly hard worker, honest like many southamericans coming to this land to make a honest living.. like us.
Bunch a rednecks! and truly thank you to the persons who answer me without prejudices.

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16 Responses to Can I start a Divorce right after applying for Citizenship?

  1. Scooter Girl says:

    I think you have to stay married for 5-7 years after you start the process, you need to check with an immigration lawyer.

  2. lost&confused says:

    Yes it will, you must stay married for several years after citizenship or it can be revoked….

  3. john b says:

    I dislike people like you who use people to get around the law, go back where you came from.

  4. Andy says:

    Maybe not. It would be better to wait. The following Q/A seems categorical in saying you forfeit the 3-year preferential period:

  5. wizzards_23 says:

    So you’re one of those illegals who married a U.S. citizen for citizenship ! How much did he get paid?

  6. hichefheidi says:

    Why don’t you just wait until your citizenship goes through?

  7. manonthestreet1 says:

    So you’re going to marry some poor sap, use him to get citizenship and then drop him like a bad habit?

    Great… another welcome addition to the United States….

  8. ~natural~ says:

    No thy will send you right back.

  9. David L says:

    here’s hoping they deport your a$$

  10. Tiss says:

    You should definitely get divorced as soon as possible.

  11. Arnold M says:

    I would not want you for a citizen. I feel sorry for guy you’re dumping.

  12. rastaman says:

    Dats wicked, woman. Gimme a call.

  13. JAREAD says:

    It appears that you bought yourself a husband, to gain citizenship. YOu are only one of many thousands who have done that. Best wait until you get that Citizenship before you start your divorce. In the meantime, Take advantage of the tax breaks inherent in Marriage. don’t rush it girl, you have your whole life in front of you. Don’t get off the horse in the middle of the stream.

  14. Lord of the Geeks says:

    I once knew a girl from Germany who married an American soldier. (I suspect getting American citizenship had more than a little to do with it.) They moved to the United States and had a child. Eventually they divorced because of incompatibilty– she was a bit of a wild child at the time and he wanted to settle down with a family.

    Once the divorce was finalized, her legal protection was gone. She had to fly under the radar for years, and eventually the INS found her in Alabama. Life for her truly sucked after that. She couldn’t visit her daughter, she spent most of her time in detention centers and ended up with no money and a one-way trip back to Germany. I haven’t heard from her in years.

    All this to say this: You can seek a divorce from an incompatible spouse any time you want, but as an immigrant you run some serious risks of deportation if you play it wrong. You could return to your original country and be single and employed. Remaining in this country could mean living like a fugitive from justice, which may be more trouble than it’s worth.

  15. Rosie says:

    If you want to become a citizen of this country, do it the honorable and legal way. Marriage is not a passport, it should mean more to you than that. And, apparently, citizenship in this country doesn’t mean much to you either if you believe that it is something that can be had so cheaply by someone hoping to cheat the system.

  16. CowgirlXXX says:

    If you’re trying to come here – – do it without using one of OUR citizens as a piece of meat trying to get in here. People like you make me SICK!

    And, if you do try getting a divorce a few years later, don’t think our government won’t notice that you weren’t here legally. If you do something like that, chances are you’ll be deported. HA!

    Refrain from calling us rednecks. We’re the ones supporting your pathetic as s.

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