Can a paralegal provide information on personal injury claims?

Lawyers don’t want to touch small personal injury cases….and insurance companies take advantage of that. Can a person hire a paralegal to help them with there small personal injury claim? How would one go about doing such?

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3 Responses to Can a paralegal provide information on personal injury claims?

  1. Mr G says:

    Paralegals are not members of the bar, they may not act in the capacity of a lawyer.

  2. Shibi says:

    Mr. G’s got it right. They can do administrative stuff but they cannot give you legal advice. Talk to an attorney. For personal injury matters, the first consult is usually free and they only get paid if you get money in the settlement. Like this:

  3. Miss☆R says:

    No, sorry. That is the unauthorized practice of law. If you are a paralegal I highly hope that you already know this. Paralegals can only work under direct supervision of an attorney. Paralegals cannot give legal advice. Paralegals cannot fill out legal forms for clients. Paralegals cannot file legal documents without an attorney’s supervision and signature.

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