can a judge grant a personal injury claim more amount than what is covered by my auto insurance ?

i met with an accident in the parking lot of a shopping center when the car i was parking accidently hit the showroom window. an employee has filed a personal injury suit against me. i have insurance coverage of 15k. can the judge grant a higher amount and if so what will happen if i cant afford it?

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6 Responses to can a judge grant a personal injury claim more amount than what is covered by my auto insurance ?

  1. rob1963man says:

    Your insurance coverage limits do not dictate what a judge will do. Yes, he CAN grant a higher amount than $15k if he feels that the damages exceed that amount.

    If you can’t afford anything then don’t worry about it. They can sue you, but if you don’t have any assets there’s nothing they can do to collect.

    In some severe cases, they CAN withhold money from your salaries but that is totally dependent on the case and the judge.

    Good Luck!!


  2. Heinz M says:

    Yes. Judges can pretty well do what they want.

  3. fisherwoman says:

    Yes, the judge can award more than your insurance. You will have a judgement placed against you, your wages can be garnished if you refuse to pay. The court will set up a payment plan, you fail to do as the court said, they will find you in non-compliance, and more court dates will follow. Filing bankruptcy would be your only salvation, and that needs approval from a court, so I guess you better stay on the payment plan.

  4. blb says:

    Yes, a judge can award more than the liability limits on your policy. If higher limits are awarded the rest of the money comes from you. Judgements will be placed against you and your wages will be garnished until it is paid off.

    Call your agent and see what it would be for higher limits. Some people are very surprised to see that it is not that much more for higher limits.

  5. Clevis D says:

    Yes. You will have to pay the excess.

  6. bundysmom says:

    YES, it happens everyday. Your insurance company would pay it’s limits and any difference would be paid by you….that’s what you agreed to when you selected your limits. What will happen…your property can be taken from you, your wages garnished, it will go on your credit for an indefinite amount of time.

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