Bull’s-Eye: Divorce before marriage

www.ntv.co.ke Hope, some say is merely the art of putting off disappointments and the Orange Party is scoring very highly. The guessing game is on amid speculation of a possible divorce before marriage. It was a week when new meaning was given to some relationships and as Emmanuel Juma reports on Bull’s-Eye, what we are seeing is merely a tip of the iceberg.

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    12 Responses to Bull’s-Eye: Divorce before marriage

    1. odhiscroco says:

      “mafuta imepanda” lol. 1:30

    2. Waiswa1 says:

      If Imanyara has chosen to support Raila, what’s wrong with Kiraitu supporting Uhuru? Is it an offence?

    3. zentra01 says:

      Yup, these are our leaders no doubt, yea [we] voted them in. We dug ourselves into a hole a long time ago and we are still f****** digging. What is it with us? There are African countries that have come a long way and matured politically. Instead, we are stuck in a rut. Only thing our foliticians are good at is chest thumping … please!!!
      And why are they behaving as though State House is already vacant?

    4. merkeju says:

      2:13 can someone explain to me in plain language what this policeman means by those words, i can’t figure it out.

    5. nyanjoma says:


    6. siasabora says:

      should have given us more music @4:12 …sick of these ugly politicians

    7. siasabora says:

      someone sue Kiraithe’s backside for excessive use of brutal force on citizens…he is too arrogant

    8. siasabora says:

      the police rioted….the youths were peaceful…the police were riotous

    9. gikonyi says:

      here we go again with our politicians blah blah blah blah again lord help us

    10. bemar6 says:

      MAFUTA IMEPANDA!!!! 1:28

    11. wanzueni says:

      Exactly GEMA ni takataka

    12. wanzueni says:

      msijali takataka ya GEMA tutafagia

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