Bugsy Siegel and the Mob arrive in Las Vegas (a history)

click below to view this clip in high quality: www.youtube.com Benjamin “Bugsy” Siegel (February 28, 1906 June 20, 1947) arrives in Las Vegas to set up the Trans America race wire service, gets a piece of the El Cortez, and then develops the Flamingo Hotel and Casino after buying it from Billy Wilkerson. interview clips with Eugene P. Moehring (at start of clip), Nicholas Pileggi, John L. Smith, and Brian Greenspun. Nevada marriage and divorce laws, The Syndicate, WWII and Las Vegas. clip taken from excellent PBS documentary on Las Vegas. Buy it from the PBS store!

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25 Responses to Bugsy Siegel and the Mob arrive in Las Vegas (a history)

  1. candyrnld says:

    i wish he didn’t get killed!! he’s gorgeous guy

  2. DeeAtoms says:

    He could never be a made guy back then coz he is jewish

  3. kingx11 says:

    bugsy movie was another way to glorifying jews in US , this man was a gangster and a bloody murderer , he got what he deserved from luciano

  4. wotucudavwon says:

    Bugsy Malone was better

  5. hawtumeyk says:

    Vegas was still empty. Now it’s so crowded!

  6. DaniBoy50 says:

    but bugsy was crazier

  7. wheelman1324 says:

    If he didn’t get killed in LA, he’d probably be dead long before today because he was a marked man. If he was alive today, he’d be old and you probably wouldn’t want to date him.

  8. rostine1980 says:

    freakin jews aint rite!

  9. calipariwildcats23 says:

    no, but they are crafty

  10. 39tommyboy says:

    when ever you have gambling . then criminals are going to be there. in oklahoma we have the indian casinoes now. and every now and then you read in the paper where mafia people are taking money off of them to. so see its not just the jews or any race its everybody.

  11. randy95023 says:

    I’m glad that I’m old enough to have done Vegas when it was still “old school”. We used to dress up for it and nobody wandered around looking like tourists. You really got into the act by dressing and wearing your jewelry and throwing some money around. Good times…

  12. TheyH8MePoopsie says:

    Bugsy Malone is a made up character, you dope
    a fake person dumbass.

    Research it you stooge.

  13. Eric68B says:

    fuck this guy who shots bugsy ..

  14. jackstein104 says:

    bugsy looked like such a badass

  15. MrDuke32 says:

    You suck at cussing. Lol.

  16. nigawithcoolness123 says:

    he looks like mel gibson.

  17. ManyStrongPoints says:

    organized crime was brought to America by jewish immigrants such as Arnold Rothstein and Meyer Lansky to name just two. Loathsome people. The most reliable way to judge any race is to examine their initial actions after immigrating to a new land. The jews established the crime syndicate.

  18. PeterMayer says:

    uh, how about the Irish, Italian’s?

  19. ManyStrongPoints says:

    those ethnicities were allowed by the jews to have a slice of the pie but the jews remained the controlling force.

  20. slazzer145 says:

    Bugsy seigel is the founder of las vegas ,they should put a statue of him in centre las vegas…

  21. onecoolgreek says:

    I agree buddy i was saying that to my girl the other day when we watched the movie

  22. onecoolgreek says:

    yea buddy he does look like him …lol

  23. krakabash says:

    Bugsy was probably taken out (most likely by Jack Dragna, with Syndacate approval, and LAPD approval) because he was a (incredibly stylish and charming ) nutcase who was becoming a huge liability.
    He was possibly behind the Black Dahlia/Elizabeth Short murder which shows you how nutso he could be.

  24. krakabash says:

    Bugsy did not build Las Vegas, he built one casino. (And he did not come up with the idea to do that.)
    Arnold Rothstein was born in NYC, and his family was middle class.
    The Spanish and Portugese had orginized crime in the Americas in the 1490’s. (Gangs of thugs who broke their colonial laws.) So did the French later, and the English.
    The Irish were the first? to have what you could call “immigrant crime gangs” (and Cop gangs too) The Italians and Jews had to join together to fight them.

  25. jackstein104 says:

    most badass jew that ever lived.

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