Best of Judge Lynn on Divorce Court season 10

Judge Lynn gives her famous style of judicial smackdown, some much needed tough love, and a couple of “no, no, NO”s in these clips from Divorce Court. Watch Judge Lynn give these couples some food for thought as she slaps them off their pedestels and down to earth with her words of wisdom and truth…

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    25 Responses to Best of Judge Lynn on Divorce Court season 10

    1. buddaman200522 says:

      she tore him a new one!!!

    2. SuperTruthful says:

      Love that sista!

    3. RealGrownandSexy says:

      judge lynn toler is my hero

    4. loveMeSomehiphop says:

      dayummm she told him

    5. Pentan797 says:

      Judge Lynn is incredible.

    6. Crimsonite20 says:

      She is “intense with common sense”
      Funny how she always turns to Joe and he shakes his head

    7. sndanim says:

      gawd i love her! it’s awesome how she schools that fkn idiot at the end, what a disgraceful man!!

    8. girlygirl26862 says:

      love her!

    9. ABRARBADGIRL says:

      click no no no no, you go girl lol

    10. Zende1 says:

      I am the judge……damn that sounded good!

    11. arieperinobng says:

      My sister want to marry someone

    12. Str8TlkNoChaser says:

      Judge Lynn is the BEST!!! a true friend in my head(some ppl know what that means) that first woman truly was trifflin and that dude at the end should stayed there hopin the lights went out so he could blend in! Anybody that’s ever seen the show knows that like all black women once she starts she’s not stopping till her point is made!

    13. AlbieGray says:

      hoo hoo hoo! She took that trifling man to task! She stuck it to that fool but GOOD! Bwahahahahahaha!

    14. loveistrueandcool says:

      Wow i love this Judge x3 Shes so amaizing!

    15. beshante says:

      loooooooooooooool….she went IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIINNNNNNNNNNNN

    16. myraj34dd says:

      I can say that two of Juge Lynn’s best attributes are those pretty dick -sucking lips of hers!

    17. DaAngelGurley says:

      Does anybody know what she was saying after she said “It will b the ruling, it will b the judgment because I am the judge?”

    18. DaAngelGurley says:

      @Zende1 I know right! *lol*

    19. Erioas says:

      .. I don’t think he’s that good looking.

    20. martialartist34 says:


    21. dontwanyaman says:

      Das a dumb bitch right there. She obviously seeing someone else.

    22. dontwanyaman says:

      @Erioas. He’s handsome he’d probably look better clean cut tho.

    23. ThePsykoMantis says:

      :55 nuff said

    24. MEDSEC20 says:

      Well, she told him right and proper, didn’t she. Good on her.
      Brilliant Video – thank you.

    25. thinisprettyful says:

      “it will be the ruling, it will be the judgement, because i AM the judge” hahaha oh SNAP!!

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