Are divorce and laws regarding custodial rights of children fair to women?

As a part of a women’s rights project for history, I have to find evidence on whether or not divorce and laws regarding custodial rights of children are fair to women. I do not know much about divorce laws, but i do know that most of the time the children go to the women. Can you give me some resources to help me decide whether these laws are fair to women?

Thanks in advance!

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7 Responses to Are divorce and laws regarding custodial rights of children fair to women?

  1. darth8hayabusa says:

    Divorce laws have historically favored women more than men in recent times. A century ago this was not the case. So the laws may be seen to oscillate back and forth. It was traditionally believed men could provide better. This changed in the 20th century to laws which heavily favored women, believing that all children required a mother’s influence more than a mans. Recently this has again shifted to a more balanced view of the parties ability to provide and a focus on the best interests of the children.

    However, because one factor is which parent has spent the most time with children, this still often results in unfair bias in favor of women, as they are most likely to stay at home with kids in a single working family homes. Additionally, younger children often favor the mother, possible because of this former influence.

    Research father custody websites (google) for a lot of information on how the laws work and how fathers continue to often be at a disadvantage.

  2. cowgirlintex says:

    They are more unfair to the man than the woman.

  3. Riotess says:

    No they aren’t fair to women, especially abused women. Abused women are forced to put up with mental and verbal abuse from their ex partner’s to facilitate access, without anyone batting an eye. People also criticize a woman for being afraid the abuser will hurt the child because they themselves have gotten hurt, but miracuolously the law seems to believe that abusers’ behaviors won’t trickle down to the children, without realizing that that behavior is engrained, it doesn’t just stop with one person, whether its as severe to the child, its still there.

    Also, the primary parent usually the mother, has to share custody with the father. Here is the situation. Both make the decisions for the child, but the primary parent has to do all the day to day responsibilities, doctor’s appointments, school functions, taking care of the sick child, extracurriculars, etc., while the secondary parent, usually the father, gets all the same rights with minimal responsibility and minimal financial support. It’s not fair at all.

  4. Cham says:

    If you’re going to write on that premise, then it should read more like Women’s ABUSE of rights when awarded custody.

  5. Moonfrye says:

    Considering the majority of women get child custody regardless of whether or not the men is a more fit parent, the laws are more than fair to women in that regard. If anything, they are unfair to the man than the woman when it comes to child custody.

  6. birdy says:

    Custody unfortunitely usualy goes to the woman, and that is totally unfair, as far as a divorce, I believe the person in the "right" depends on who files, and for what grounds….

  7. THE MEMA says:

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