Anita Baker Speaks About Divorce and Facing Jail Time http http

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    25 Responses to Anita Baker Speaks About Divorce and Facing Jail Time

    1. miamivicepastels83 says:

      @SaySay208 you know anita “discovered” toni…toni was the artist singing the sample of the song anita was supposed to sing in boomerang and since anita was pregnant at the time, she urged the producers to use a then unknown toni for the songs so she could handle her personal affairs and the rest is history….(this is out of toni’s mouth)

    2. miamivicepastels83 says:

      @SuckaFreeSista1313 and the sad thing is, he is wealthy in his own right

    3. SuckaFreeSista1313 says:

      @miamivicepastels83 …smh…man, that is sad…divorce is ugly business for sure. =0)…hey thanks for dropping me a comment. Hope you are well.<3

    4. SaySay208 says:

      @miamivicepastels83 Ok I understand but I was saying Tonie has Anita Baker’s style. If you want to get technical both of them has Billie Holiday and Lena Horns style of singing.

    5. jrmetmoi says:

      Anita Baker went to jail?!

    6. miamivicepastels83 says:

      @SaySay208 i wasnt arguing u, just throwing in a fun fact

    7. Mkpier20 says:

      I’m sorry Anita, your Music is so beautiful why does a man need money from a woman. her husband is a dupe, she should’ve married someone on her level. May GOD help Anita thru this

    8. SaySay208 says:

      @miamivicepastels83 Okay I understand and thanks for sharing though!

    9. HugoIStayHere says:

      wtf ? why is Mrs baker on the damn news for this bullshit? This is one of the most classiest African American women of our generation, with all of her contributions to musical art.

    10. BeautelligentDiva79 says:

      Ms. Baker, I’m terribly sorry that you have to go through this ordeal. My prayers are with you. PLEASE don’t give up or in….the devil never wins unless you don’t fight.

    11. BeautelligentDiva79 says:

      Walter, get it together sweetie. There’s nothing worse than taking what ain’t yours. Karma is real.

    12. Cicilo1983 says:

      Why should HE get royalties for music that SHE made ?!? This makes no sense. It’s normal that they’ll split their common assets, but HER royalties ? Come on !

    13. residentflea says:

      <3 Anita….I wondering is she suppose to talk about this court preceding?

    14. mrpapafunky7879 says:

      @Cicilo1983 plenty things make no sense in this supposed world of aged knowledge.people serve jail time for weed,while alcohol and ciggaretes aka cancer sticks r sold on every damn corner.i can go on and on.anita,another victem to this

    15. lurch321 says:

      Apparently Anita’s ex gave her the WORST that he got!

    16. blaknificent09 says:

      wow I didn’t know

    17. MrPman851 says:

      Poor Anita!

    18. duhjuce says:

      Anita is a Queen she will prevail..God is on her side!

    19. NettieBearxD says:

      Daaang ! /:

    20. thetruthis9 says:

      @BeautelligentDiva79 aaahahahaha…that’s what you hoe’s get…get that cash homie…it’s time these hoe’s get paid back for taking advantage of men now the wanna cry since the shoe is on the other foot…!!! we don’t wanna hear that crying and the woe is me bullshit…cut that check…pay the man or go to jail bitch…!!! bwaaahahahaha…i love it…!!!

    21. thetruthis9 says:

      @Cicilo1983 because THEY were married and now that bitch gotta come off that cash…you hoes have been taking advantage of a mans hard work for years, now it’s payback time for these hoes…!!!

    22. BeautelligentDiva79 says:

      @thetruthis9……somebody must’ve really messed you up emotionally. But whatever you do, be classy enough to not take it out on YouTube. The world has enough problems and don’t need to bear the weight of yours. Truth be told, that’s one thing Anita has and you don’t……CLASS. It’s never too late to obtain some however:)

    23. Cicilo1983 says:

      @thetruthis9, It must be so embarrassing to know that your parents are cousins. Keep having sex with your right hand, it’s the only partner you’ll ever find.

    24. thetruthis9 says:

      @BeautelligentDiva79 it’s good to see you got your comment together on the 2nd attempt…im simply sharing my view of the situation…you broads love spousal support and gettin the judge in a brotha’s wallet…time to open that purse…aaahahahaha…KEVIN FEDERLINE FOR PRESIDENT…!!!

    25. thetruthis9 says:

      @Cicilo1983 i don’t have sex with my right hand…the left is preferable…its so silky smooth and if i add lotion, its gonna be a gooood night…i save that for when i’ve been good…special occasions if you will…

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