All In The Family – Amelia’s Divorce 1-3

Archie is hoping to have a relaxing Sunday, but his hopes are dashed when Edith announces that her cousin Amelia and her husband Russell are coming over for a visit.

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    25 Responses to All In The Family – Amelia’s Divorce 1-3

    1. effingya says:


    2. Lighthouse724 says:

      “take your Nelson D. Rockeffeler there,he was so, what ya call, modest about his money, he wouldn’t even tell Congrees how much he had ” Archie kills me

    3. Lighthouse724 says:

      “this could be the wallpaper in a fag bar”

    4. joeypolanski says:

      Th Reverend Fletcher



    5. mingsanx says:

      7:37 – ROFL. definitely one of my favs 🙂

    6. mragbangles says:

      looks like edith was making some pretty strong coffee

    7. gooffbball says:

      don’t get me wrong i like to watch family guy every now and again, but it doesn’t even compare to the comedy that all in the family provides

    8. LilFireFox says:

      I admit that ‘All in the family’ is different from today’s show. But ‘All in the family really pushed the boundries in today’s society. But Family guy is pushing it in ‘today’s’ society. So in some aspect, they are the same. btw, s/p on the spelling in this comment.

    9. Blackjesus3 says:

      this show is so funny

    10. DiAnno13 says:

      Russell the plumber is from Queens. He used to live in Flushing.

      Near Che Stadium.

    11. YaoiHuntressEarth says:

      Interesting how a devoit Chrisitan like Archie makes up reasons not to go to church.

    12. alexisdiva9 says:

      Yes, that’s Elizabeth Wilson. In the prior episodes where Amelia appeared, it was Rae Allen who played her (Edith Gets a Wig and Class Reunion); guess she wasn’t available to do this episode.

    13. ibtnm25 says:

      Is Emelia husband the 2nd actor for the part?

    14. Scipiz0a says:

      wasn’t amelia’s husband originally a vet???

    15. BabyFaceMakeUp123 says:

      lol 8:21

    16. dannyishome says:

      hey – didn’t that Emelia (or Amelia) play Roz in the movie 9 to 5?

    17. mrbrandon71 says:

      @TKGB2006 well said.

    18. shakira20848 says:

      do you need hot and fast date get it now bbw

    19. Angelique2471 says:

      “What that make him, Prince of the public potties?” LOL

    20. jsunflyguy says:

      lol it was realy 28s. That must’ve taken a bit of practice in rehersal.

    21. flipside1545 says:


    22. XWoodchuckleX says:

      God is good with the “O” taken out and Devil is evil with the “D” taken out. So you put the D and the O together and what have you got? DO. So DO good or you’ll be evil. lol! IDK

    23. mlaura40s says:

      Archie: Aloha, I wish it was Arivadoochi..

    24. 3dartistguy says:

      The actor who played Russ is the same actor who was the basis for Heat Mizer in “The year without a Santa Claus”.

    25. smj32501 says:

      Geez his hair looks better than he does

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