Adultery, Sexual Immorality, and Divorce

This clip is taken from the sermon “Jesus and the Law,” preached by Pastor Mark Driscoll at the Mars Hill Church Ballard campus in Seattle, Washington, on March 13th, 2011. It is the 67th sermon in our sermon series on the Gospel of Luke.

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    20 Responses to Adultery, Sexual Immorality, and Divorce

    1. CastingStonez says:

      This is the FIRST time in all his videos i will 100% disagree with Mark…
      FORNICATION is having sex “PRIOR” to marriage in a BETROTHAL PERIOD or the Engagement… Adultery is NO GROUNDS FOR DIVORCE… And scripture does NOT SAY THIS…

      Matthew 19:9 is the ONLY scripture that Christ talks about “grounds” for a divorce… And its actually called: AN ANNULMENT… NOT A DIVORCE…


    2. Danieldrylie says:

      @CastingStonez I’m sorry, but you are wrong. That Greek word that is translated as “fornication” means “sexual immorality”, which includes adultery.

    3. CastingStonez says:

      Read Matthew 19:9… and if Christ Himself wanted to say “ADULTERY” He would have said it… He used the word “Adultery” two other times in the same sentence, but when referencing “DIVORCE” He did NOT use the word for Adultery… And such ignorance is saying that Christ was stupid and could not differentiate the two…

      Adultery = MOIXEIA
      Fornication = PORNEIA

      This is FACT… YOU WRONG… Christ is RIGHT!!!

    4. CastingStonez says:

      Adultery = MOIXEIA “Sex after the consummation of the marriage” No grounds for DIVORCE…
      Fornication = PORNEIA “Sex or uncleaness of the bride to be… before the consummation of the marriage” The ONLY grounds for a DIVORCE… Are ONLY found in the “Betrothal Period” and Christ was referencing Mary’s own pregnancy and the rights that Joseph had to put away… Because Joseph had NOT known her yet!
      They were married but NOT yet had their wedding ceremony.
      Matthew 1:18

    5. greenmonk says:

      @CastingStonez your use of porneia is over simplified. paul uses porneia several times to refer to ALL sexual immorality including adultery. the most accurate translation of Porneia is “sexual immorality” watch again at 2:50. Driscoll articulates the INTENT of what Jesus says and not you oversimplified use of a concordance.

    6. liztegart says:

      Thanks 4 sharing this teaching! It’s important that we understand the consequences of our actions as well as the Biblical position on such. I spent a great deal of time in prayer & study on this topic several years ago, after such a situation presented itself in my life. Pastor Mark’s teaching lines up w/God’s heart on the subject. Divorce is a result of our sinful fallen nature, it is a broken attempt at providing some relief to a sin wrecked mess. God is aware & so included it in the Word.

    7. SterlingTate says:

      God is healing our marriage of my douche-baggery. Almost a year free of affairs and adultery! Thanks to a gracious loving God and a gracious loving wife.

    8. Danieldrylie says:

      @CastingStonez Porneia means sexual immorality.

    9. Danieldrylie says:

      @CastingStonez Porneia means sexual immorality.

    10. CastingStonez says:

      It does have some other minor definitions… like rape… but, in the form Christ uses it in Matthew 19:9 and the ONLY scripture for the grounds for divorce/annulment… is FORNICATION… He is telling us about the Betrothal Period that Joseph had with Mary and this period is the ONLY time for FORNICATION and divorce/anullment…

    11. 131ajl says:

      this guy is so gay

    12. mje79 says:

      Your all a bunch of very strange people.

    13. sugapep says:

      Mosiac law no longer in effect/ Jesus reintroduces Gods original intent
      “It HADTH been said, whoever shall put away (divorce) his wife, let him give her a writing of divorcement : but i say unto you, (and i repeat.. Jesus says this with final authority “BUT I SAY UNTO YOU” ) that whosever (believers, unbelievers, sinners.. ALL OF MANKIND) shall put away his wife, saving for the cause of fornication, causeth her to commit adultery: and whoever shall marry her that is divorced committeth adultery.

    14. sugapep says:

      Jeremiah 3:1; God did not say “I said…”- instead, he said “They said…”. Moses chose to write the percept he did due to man’s hardheartnes. He tells us that though Israel had chose to commit adultery more than once, He still told her to come back to him! ADULTERY is NOT grounds for divorce. Matt.19:10; “His disciplies say unto him. If that is the case of the man be so with his wife, it is not good to marry.” His discplines were pretty much saying “you’ve got to be kidding!

    15. sugapep says:

      u mean, we’re stuck for life? are you saying you’ve closed down Moses’ law of marriage and divorce? If so, its better never to get married!” They knew the old Mosiac law was gone.It was never God’s intent for marriage. In the old testment, Adulterers, under the Mosiac law, in Deut 22:22-24 were stoned to death! Under the new convenant, Jesus taught forgiveness and repentance!

    16. sugapep says:

      @Danieldrylie Fornication (Porneia) illict sexual intercourse between unmarried people. Adultery (moikeia) between married people only. Only bethored couples could request for a divorce if one was found guilty of fornication. Matthew was writing to his JEWISH audience. The jewish practiced a social custom called the bethoeral (a period where a couple agrees to give themselves to eachother, and ends in actual marriage). Read Matt 1:20-25. Espoused to Joseph, Mary was going to be put away.

    17. CastingStonez says:

      You are taking the words right out of my mouth… “sugapep”
      Its very pleasing to see someone who understands the LAW OF MARRIAGE that God created… Its like the LAW OF GRAVITY… Just because i am a Christian does NOT mean that law has no effect over me… Its a LAW… God created them and He is NOT going to revoke them for ANYONE…
      All these people have are “excuses” for violating God’s LAW/COVENANT of MARRIAGE. They are the “Adulterers” that will NOT inherit the kingdom of God.

    18. CastingStonez says:

      Read the rest of the comments i have left… Im not going to repeat myself to you…
      Research should begin at the ORIGIN, then forward to understand what is being said or defined…
      Let me Help you.
      Origin (greek): Porneia
      Origin (greek) translation: FORNICATION
      English translation: Sexual immorality (since 1800’s).

      Now you can see why the Word of God has lost it effectiveness… People like you keep “reducing” its value by Over complicating it… I keep it oversimplified…

    19. falleneutychus says:

      @CastingStonez – (Gal 3:10-12)

      Jesus obviously stated there were grounds for divorce because of fornication. But are we really supposed to believe that, that does not encompass adultery, as well?

      Sugapep points out Matthew’s audience but the context for why Jesus brought up divorce. Men were divorcing their older spouses for younger women, so that they could produce more children. It was for financial gain they divorced. Men were causing women to sin, with divorce.

    20. Brucev7 says:

      @131ajl Shame on you for talking about a man of God that way.

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