About Divorces and The Child Custody

The divorce rate is rising day by day. What’s important to be aware of is the effect that the divorce has on the child of the divorced couple. Research shows that a child whose parents are divorced isn’t a well balanced child. The child lacks confidence in one perspective or the other. If you are in the process of divorce, consider the effect it is going to have on your child. If you believe that your child will cope up with your divorce well than it is important for you to consider getting information about different types of settlements of child custody. If you aren’t well aware of these settlements you might end up losing the custody of your child.

Courts have different kinds of child custody arrangements for different types of cases. In cases where the court considers the mother to be a better caretaker for the child, the mother earns the right to the child custody on the other hand if the father is considered to be capable of taking better care of the child the father is entitled the right of child custody. However the trending child custody settlement is the joint child custody. It is believed that a child can have a well balanced life and personality only with the presence of both his parents. In the joint child custody, both the parents are entitled to right of keeping their child.

Joint custody consists of three sub categories which include joint physical custody, total joint custody and joint legal custody. If one opts for acquiring the joint physical custody, then both of the parents have a right to visit the child and be with the child. However the legal rights remain with one parent only. The court determines who amongst the parents deserves to take the legal decision on behalf of the child until he/she is 18. If one opts for acquiring the joint legal custody, then both of the parents are entitled to the right of taking legal decisions on behalf of the child until the child is 18. If one opts for a total joint custody, then both the parents are entitled to visit the child and take legal decisions on his behalf until he’s 18. It is advisable to opt for total joint custody as the child has every right to have both his parents involved in his personal and legal matters.


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