A Divorce and a Drink

Back in her drinking days, Kay argues with Phillip Chancellor who hopes to finalize their divorce. More Minisodes, free TV & movies: crackle.com TWITTER twitter.com Tags: watch free streaming television tv video minisode network young and the restless genoa city snapper soap opera abbott chancellor divorce

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25 Responses to A Divorce and a Drink

  1. nathantspencer says:

    I would love love love to have every episode on DVD from the beginning– that would be the best present ! They NEED to get those on series disc.

  2. beatler11 says:

    yes she is Corbins mom

  3. Kaichita says:

    sheesh! Katherine was old even back then! These minisodes are awesome, thank you!

  4. lovingorca says:

    she sure does. and she doesn’t drink anymore.

  5. Novatogal says:

    Jeanne Cooper was great then and now!!

  6. bksihs00 says:

    no… i dont want it… i dont want it… LMAO… i whould have loved to watched this back in the day? give me your damn list!! LMAO

  7. japstoryeditor says:

    The great irony is that Phillip’s grandson (from his affair with Jill) still lives in that house with Kay and sees her as his grandmother.

  8. bmf1706 says:

    There are alot of irony’s in this story. If the Phillip hadn’t died, the divorce would’ve been final, and Katherine wouldn’t have been “Mrs. Chancellor” to this day. If he hadn’t died, the divorce would’ve gone through, and Katherine would’ve been 100% owner of the mansion, not 50-50 with Jill. It’s a great story…

  9. rhettsamigo2003 says:

    what a bitch! She screwed around with her stable boys behind Phillip’s back. Then she drove Phillip over a cliff, killing him. She eventually reformed, being a sponsor & friend to Nikki.

  10. TheYoung450 says:

    No, Philip cheated on her with Jill, having sex with her, and discarded Katherine. And such..

  11. lorimneal says:

    she was acting her ass off, huh? lol,,poor Phillip couldn’t do anything but gawk!

  12. MinisodeNetwork says:

    @bmf1706 Hmm, intriguing alternate time lines . . .

  13. ricanthug30 says:

    Jeanne Cooper is the reason I watch but also like victor and nikki with out the 3 of them the show wouldnt be the same

  14. imachildofthe80s8089 says:

    But Katherine drove Philip to his affair with her combination of drinking, smoking, and affairs with her stable boys plus she killed him(albeit accidentally, but never got punished) and then still wound up with the family home. She was a BITCH and deserved everything bad thing she got! In the mid to late 80’s she mellowed and had a good romance with Rex.

  15. imachildofthe80s8089 says:

    No I don’t think Katherine should have gotten any of the mansion. She should’ve just been on her own for the first time in her life.

  16. imachildofthe80s8089 says:

    no GH is not the only one worth watching now but Y@R is.

  17. imachildofthe80s8089 says:

    oh GH isn’t even trying. The only abc soap that’s making just the smallest effort is ABC.

  18. imachildofthe80s8089 says:

    she’s the same person!

  19. imachildofthe80s8089 says:

    this is 7. Melody Thomas Nikki came in 79 and Victor in 80.

  20. snoops71 says:

    I wouldn’t mind seeing more of this!

  21. entertainme3000 says:

    @bmf1706 no actually Philip would’ve thrown Katherine out on her ass! She did not have a job and he had no kids with her so he owed the old fart nothing. You see now she screwed up the marriage with her drinking. He owed her nothing and was patient with her long past I would’ve washed my hands of her.

  22. entertainme3000 says:

    @FruityPebbleFilms that’s not appropriate!

  23. entertainme3000 says:

    @lovingorca But she’s fallen off the wagon quiet a few times. Had a stroke, Was homeless. Had a breast cancer scare, attempted suicide, faked her death and insanity, sparred with the same woman for years over her own pitiful mistakes, abandoned her children…and lives in in an age old home that has not changed a bit in fucking 37 years! Not real folks! You gotta modernize!

  24. entertainme3000 says:

    @Kaichita yep she’s an old fart and she drank like a fish too! In fact, if it wasn’t for me, my teacher would’ve still thought the old actress was dead! Seriously once I told her about Katherine tempting to drank and running away with the fur coat on her back and she says “The woman’s still alive? She was on when I was a little girl. Thought she’d be dead by now lol”

  25. entertainme3000 says:

    My damn god the furniture even looks the same too! Definitely the same chimney and wallpaper. Does the C living room get much scenes nowdays?

    And Cooper’s voice sounded different too. Unusual on a woman to have different voices. A facial surgery couldn’t change your vocal chords either could it?(yet the 80’s is the voice she has now, def not her “75” voice(give me your damn list!) Plus, my god, hideous and gaudy outit. 80’s was the only fashionable decade since the 30’s and 40’s.

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