99-Year-Old Wants Divorce, Wife Cheated In 1940’s

A 99-year-old Italian man has filed for divorce after discovering his wife cheated on him in the 1940’s. Ana Kasparian, Cenk Uygur, Jayar Jackson and Jesus Godoy discuss on The Young Turks. www.telegraph.co.uk Subscribe to The Young Turks: bit.ly Download the politics or entertainment hour of this TYT episode: goo.gl Find out how to watch The Young Turks on Current by clicking here: www.current.com The Largest Online New Show in the World. Google+: www.gplus.to Facebook: www.facebook.com Twitter: twitter.com

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    25 Responses to 99-Year-Old Wants Divorce, Wife Cheated In 1940’s

    1. gekapat says:

      I would have done the same thing…. The cheating was worth the break up but the lying was unacceptable

    2. Kenz305 says:

      Dying alone isn’t so bad when you haven’t been alone in 70 years!

    3. xteric1 says:

      that is why I’m open to sleeping even after marriage for this reason and when the moment comes i’d be like..oh yea, I sleep with your sister. if it doesn’t happen I would quite

    4. dharmaatdawn says:

      hahahh more power to the guy. Age is just a number

    5. dharmaatdawn says:

      @OCPios62 I think shes little young and doesnt understand what exactly shes talking about. shes being a bit trivial in her conclusions

    6. dharmaatdawn says:

      @hamburgen we always die alone, no matter who is sitting beside us.

    7. playapapapa23 says:

      I’d left the bitch too!

    8. starblazer14 says:

      What’s it matter I’m sure his cock doesn’t work anyway

    9. 395235 says:

      Poor guy married a slut =/ He’s at the end now. Not much more to live. That fucking whore ruined his life.

    10. dgfhadsg8 says:

      I love Cenk’s accents. For such an intelligent and well-informed man to have a funny immature side is really cool. And he shows it honestly.

    11. 395235 says:

      Ana’s a dirty filthy little slut. You know it’s true!!

    12. aon10003 says:

      Hes got his eyes on a fresh 96yo with a hot bod.

    13. ThoseGamerguyz says:

      @dharmaatdawn Thank you someone gets it.

    14. bromixsr says:

      That’s what he gets for letting the whore out of the kitchen.

    15. 2011TOMCAT says:

      It is hard to find any women or men that married that long without cheat!!!

    16. paulcmnt says:

      Ana pretty much gave her bf a permit to sleep around. 

    17. UglynerdMan says:

      i think hes old fashioned Christian Italian. besides if hes divorced he can legally get some hookers.

    18. envyops says:

      Jayar is right. She kept the letters. She ain’t just guilty; she’s out of order.

    19. rosamagalhaes1994 says:


    20. frigginjoe says:

      That’s the one he caught her on. That elderwhore is probably still pulling out her prolapsed uterus and handing it to every other guy she meets.

    21. SolxXxWolf says:

      I would’ve left the bitch to! Cheating is cheating! It doesn’t matter when she did it, the bottom line is that she cheated him

    22. MrEnlighteneddespot says:

      @SolxXxWolf If she truly repented the right thing to do would be to repent.

    23. PrUnEJuIcEtHeThIrD says:

      Am I the only one who doesn’t really care what the 99 year old chooses to do?

      If you’re 99 you might as well just do whatever the hell makes you happy; you can’t really go wrong.

    24. AmazonmojoMM says:

      Guys… you gotta save your marriage, no counseling! bit. ly/ xFIIdN (remove spaces)

    25. xJoeEDangerouslyx says:


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