99 Year Old Man Divorcing Wife of 77 Years after Discovering She Cheated 60 Years Ago

A furious 99 year old man is divorcing his wife of 77 years after he discovered she had an affair more than 60 years ago. The couple, who have been identified only as Antonio and Rosa, have both consulted lawyers and the first hearing in the case is due to take place in March. Jealous father-of-five Antonio saw red after he discovered dust covered romantic letters from his wife to her secret lover during a clear out of their apartment in Rome. The couple had tied the knot in Naples in 1934, where Antonio had met Rosa after he had been sent there to serve in the carabinieri paramilitary police but she had had an affair with her unidentified lover ten years later, keeping the secret to herself until now.

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    24 Responses to 99 Year Old Man Divorcing Wife of 77 Years after Discovering She Cheated 60 Years Ago

    1. mandirawks says:

      I want twin boys.´╗┐ But only if they’re as awesome as these dude. ­čÖé

    2. mandirawks says:

      @mandirawks dudes*´╗┐

    3. alexsandrial08 says:

      I’m just here tee´╗┐

    4. filthybstard says:

      Ah shit, you guys crack me up :-)´╗┐

    5. SqueezeThisPlease says:

      *silence* dirty whore loooool´╗┐

    6. ruin3r says:

      He’s got 99 problems but a bitch ain’t´╗┐ one!

    7. ruin3r says:

      @WaterDreaminOphelia Strong “female logic” you’re using there.. because he’s older than her he deserves to be cheated on? Like you gold-digging bitches don’t always try to hook up with older,´╗┐ wealthier guys today?!? fuck you, nobody deserves to be cheated on, if you wanna cheat then leave the person you’re with.

    8. gregthesplintercell says:

      At 4:50´╗┐´╗┐ Keith sounded like he was about to cry lol Did anyone else catch that ?

    9. balllliiiiinnnn says:


    10. TheJack1452 says:

      damn´╗┐ the way they say “let me do my thing” is hilarious

    11. TheBlacksheep2020 says:

      Im sitting her trying to figure out which´╗┐ one of you i want to marry LOL..HOTTIES!!!

    12. WaterDreaminOphelia says:

      @ruin3r First of all, I am not a money sucking bitch. I make my own money and have my own job. There surely are some slags around but most women are not. Secondly, most women WILL NOT GO OUT WITH A MAN THAT MUCH OLDER than´╗┐ themselves. The only ones who would do that is for economic stability. We are just like men you know, we don’t like our men to look old. Why should we?! Men are FOOLS if they think any woman 15 + yonger than them would be remotely interested in them

    13. WaterDreaminOphelia says:

      @ruin3r …unless they are rich or celebrities. In this case they will be getting some girl that is not really interested in them´╗┐ for who they really are. I am 25 and I sometimes get guys 40 or 45 wanting to chat me up and buy me drinks. I am sorry but they are pathetic.

    14. WaterDreaminOphelia says:

      @ruin3r Point is, he didn’t deserve to be cheated on, but he should have realized that a 17 year old girl was probably looking at his wallet´╗┐ more that in his heart. COME ON! When you are 17 you don’t look at 39 year old men, unless they are like johnny depp or brad pitt.Men are just stupid sometimes. Seriously.

    15. Italkfitness says:

      hahhahahha SUGAR´╗┐ COATED WALLS MAYNE…

    16. Louie212121 says:

      We NEED Hodgetwins´╗┐ T-shirts/Hoodies, “Let me do my thang!!!”

    17. 027Erik says:

      lol 0:56-1:02 best thing to´╗┐ be said this new year

    18. 027Erik says:

      True love has nothing to do with age or color. Just´╗┐ want you to know that. Some people are just fake. Some actually desire to be that way but ironically want to ignore it. The unhonerable kind.

    19. FlyHighMattDoggNZ says:

      Sugar Walls!! Lol´╗┐

    20. 027Erik says:

      lol this is a funny ass video man. Fucken shit is funny all the way through. I like the way´╗┐ he say BITCH!!! concerning a bitch female.

    21. delboy4life says:

      Sementy Sementy (77)Years´╗┐ lool

    22. AngieDreamz says:


    23. SongsNScripts says:

      “She got emotionally´╗┐ attached to the tip!” Put that on a t-shirt! BOL

    24. CW043 says:

      These are two of the most foul mouth, ignorant mofo on´╗┐ the web.
      Please Block me.

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