7 Practical Tips Every Person Headed For Divorce Should Know

7 Practical Tips Every Person Headed For Divorce Should Know

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Home Page > Law > National, State, Local > 7 Practical Tips Every Person Headed For Divorce Should Know

7 Practical Tips Every Person Headed For Divorce Should Know

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Posted: Jan 26, 2011 |Comments: 0

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Prepare a budget for the divorce, find a reliable lawyer, write an account of your married life, get some emotional support, know what financial information and documents to prepare for your divorce, make an estimate of the financial support you need, and develop a post-divorce plan. These are some of the things you can do to get ready for a divorce.

Preparation is important for making sure that you will be fine after a divorce and for the process itself to be hassle-free and successful. These are some tips which can help you get ready for the divorce:

Draw up a budget plan for the divorce process

Once you have made the decision to get a divorce, you need to prepare a budget that includes all the expenses you expect to encounter during the whole process. In order to keep your finances straight, be aware of the things you might be spending on during the divorce process such as the fees for your attorney, documentations and others.

Look for a good lawyer

Getting a divorce involves an attorney who will be representing your case in a court of law. You may choose to have your personal attorney represent you during the proceedings if he or she is capable and willing to accept the responsibility. If you do not, you will need to find yourself a reliable divorce attorney. A divorce attorney will be better-prepared to represent your case due to his or her knowledge regarding the process and his or her ability to prepare you for the divorce process from the beginning and even after. In order to make appointments and hearings easier to attend, choose an attorney from your own area. For instance, search for a Farmington Hills divorce attorney using the Internet or a local phone book if you are from Farmington Hills.

Write a detailed description of what your married life was like

Prior to finding a divorce lawyer or before the legal process starts, make written statements that summarize your married life. Make note of all the significant problems in your marriage, including different forms of abuse, infidelity, or differences that cannot be resolved. Document information of the abuse, including information such as when and where the abuse occurred and any other witnesses. Make the account as detailed as possible. Writing these important details will help you remember what you need to discuss with your attorney and it will help you save time when you do so.

Surround yourself with people who can help you emotionally

Going through a divorce can be extremely stressful. It is important to understand how it will affect you emotionally as well as your children. To help you with the challenges involved, you will probably want to talk to a counselor or at least a friend who can provide support during the whole process. Dealing with your divorce will be easier if you have someone other than your lawyer to share your emotional problems with.

Be aware of what financial documentation you need to provide

Money is a very important matter when it comes to divorce. Put together a folder with financial information and documents before you meet with your lawyer. The following are some tips you can follow:

* List all your assets and provide the necessary documents showing their current value, as well as other details, including the date and place of purchase and the sources of funds.

* You should secure a credit report that will detail all debts that are yours and your spouse’s. This will help when it comes to assigning debt and post-divorce financial obligations.

* Obtain a personal income statement and a copy of your spouse’s records of income. These documentations are required by the court so be sure to have your own copy of income tax returns and either a financial statement or pay slip.

Evaluate how much financial assistance you may require

It is also important to estimate how much money you will need for child support and for maintenance. Depending on your income and your own personal expenses, the court will decide how much each of you will have to contribute for your children’s education and similar expenses.

Plan for what you should do after the divorce

A lot of things change dramatically after the divorce. You need to plan for these changes and work out what you should do when the divorce comes through. One major step is to prepare a financial plan with a reasonable budget which will allow you to live comfortably after your divorce without the worry of getting into debt. You may also consider developing other plans, including a new set of routines, new hobbies, and new ways of doing things at home by yourself.

When you choose to get a divorce, you should be prepared psychologically, emotionally and financially so you can deal with the circumstances better. It might be challenging but the preparations will help make things easier, smoother and more efficient.

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