21: Family – Divorce and the Toxic Woman

On the vindictiveness and greed of women during divorce and why this behaviour is supported by the legal industry, business and government.

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    25 Responses to 21: Family – Divorce and the Toxic Woman

    1. CaptainNemoful says:

      @Lachdenan Thanks I agree with you: Lachdenan, Really Do Agree!!*_*!! Thanks 4 your input !!

    2. rammstein2k says:

      So glad my girl isn’t like this

    3. jasonbear72 says:

      And women always say it’s about romance and love! Bullshit they could not care less. It’s reelly fucked up a lot of good men out there that dont even bother anymore. The others like me who used to be nice to women(got stomped on) now act like a dick out of necessity. Its a fuckin shame I have very little respect for women these days. All of this behavior is seriously taking women back and making them unhappy and miserable especially as they age. This is direct result of aggresive feminist.

    4. ART1975CZ says:

      @loqutor So what if a ” Man ” decides to become a Woman ? What happens then ? LOL

    5. tailgunner2 says:

      Well, a recent news article caught my attention, a man in Michigan, US gotten a hold of his wife’s gmail password, read through her emails, and discovered she was having an affair. (To everyone – It’s called adultery). However, what made this article newsworthy is the fact that HE is now on trial for “Felony Computer Misuse”charges. It just blows my mind how a divorce attorney relys on a law built to deal with ID and trade secret theft to attack the husband when SHE was the one that cheated.

    6. tailgunner2 says:

      The website is thenewstribune; unfortunately we cannot provide links, but a simple google search mentioning Michigan, divorce, and computer charges will lead to it easily enough. What a world we live in. Hopefully, justice will prevail and the charges will be dropped, especially since the computer is a shared laptop in the household, and this law was meant for theivery, thus never before used in a domestic case. I guess we won’t know for certain until after the trial in Febuary.

    7. Jarack123 says:


    8. certifiedgangster05 says:

      piece of shit it happened to me too i spend like 250 dollars on three dates with a girl i really liked and i got the kiss on the cheek thats it lol

    9. Suitsnappy says:

      Nas is paying $50K a month to Kelis. I hope he doesn’t get homicidal also. {{-_-}}

    10. bjisom1955 says:

      @tailgunner2 I feel the same way you do. I live in Michigan, and I didn’t even know we had a law where it’s against the law if you look at your spouse’s emails. In my opinion, if you feel your spouse is cheating, you should have the right to check whatever you want, like emails, text messages, facebook, etc. This law is completely ridiculous and should be abolished.

    11. matthewlane says:

      Prenup… Thats all i’m saying. Get married without one & you might as well get life insurance & then accidentally step in front of a bus. Because thats all you are now… an eventual pay day.

    12. Jarack123 says:

      I would dare to say all upstanding concepts are male. Females have benefited from these male concepts. Males must come to the understanding that female biology is different from theirs where women look to you for an easier life.(protection, resources,etc).A woman making a few dollars does not change her biology.

    13. DesertLaser says:

      I’m 45, I’ve never paid a dime in alimony or child support. Here are some quick tips that will save you guys that don’t get it some misery.

      Be friends first, begin relationships slowly

      1. Don’t get married
      2. Don’t reproduce
      3. Only date women that are mentally stable and have high I.Q.s.
      4. Only date women who earn as much as you or more

    14. daimon7 says:

      I agree with your 4 points 100%.
      Let me add one more.
      5. Never move in together with a woman.

    15. theraviolicat says:

      The only way the average person can have a glimpse of what is like to be wealthy is not to have kids. Most people are not suited to be parents. They step into the trap and then snivel when it goes south.

    16. MikeTMerciless says:

      @matthewlane But even so, talk to a lawyer about the marriage statutes where you live. Because a Pre-Nup can be challenged in court in some places, and even be nullified. California is a great example. In that state, a Pre-Nup is not worth the paper it’s printed on. If the court believes that a woman will have to radically change her “accustomed lifestyle” to something less than when she was married, they’ll nullify the pre-nup.

    17. AVMamfortas says:

      Perfect. To the point.

    18. wetdream09 says:


      Not for men 😉

    19. 18randa says:

      I don’t even use 1/3 of that stuff.

    20. ManSpeakOut says:

      The 2 that disliked this video are women that are mad that this video is putting their Golden Goose in the line of fire.

    21. rabidpensfan says:

      My friend works two jobs. At 7AM, he starts his construction job, and works til 5PM, 5 days a week. At night, he goes to his second job, a salesman for electrical goods. He works 7 days a week sometimes. He has a nice home, loves the hell out of his kids, always provides them security and safety, along with his wife. His wife does not work at all. She recently told him he doesn’t do enough around the house, and said he was only good for a paycheck. What a typical American woman!!!!!

    22. EvilsOfFeminism says:

      Expose the LIES, EVIL, and DECEIT. Props to you, as always. This stuff should hammer into every thinking man’s head when he hears people laugh at the idea of someone ruining his life. Fuck, this kind of stuff irritates me. I just hope American women like the bed they have made. LIE IN IT, corrupt western woman. Fight your own wars, etc, etc, etc!

    23. WEH1123 says:

      You know the mens rights should take this to the supreme court as it violates the 13th amendment. Alimony is unconstitutional as it robs the man of his right to life liberty and the pursuit of happiness. And why does the man own the women alimony. I can understand some percent as the homemaker did help the CEO focused more on work but alimony after the settlement is wrong. It would be like the government forcing the women to do the same sex and services even with out the the merit of mirage.

    24. taffwob says:

      First lesson to my son (& all young males). Never under any circumstances have a joint bank account.

    25. lillie1990am says:

      Interesting that mens issues of being screwed over can be shown only in the context of comedy, why is another humans misfortune considered funny?

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