Learn more at rescuemarriage.org PLEASE HELP US SHARE THIS VIDEO. On December 19, 2009, a small rally was held in Hollywood, CA as part of a signature drive for the 2010 Marriage Protection Act, which aims to ban divorce in the state of California. We asked supporters why they were supporting the ban, and even tried to get answers to common arguments against the ban, such as the complex issue of abusive marriages. Siv-Art Productions produced this video in support of the Marriage Protection Act of 2010, which will ban divorce in the state of California. In association with ACME Comedy Productions.

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25 Responses to 2010 MARRIAGE PROTECTION ACT Signature Drive

  1. WattyTV says:

    This is class

    Nearly up there on parody level as Bruno 😉


  2. TheWad1959 says:

    Well done. The best parody contains an element of truth. Spot on.

  3. GDveertje says:

    ‘Marriage goes on to until eternity’ hahahaa awesome.

  4. climbapapermountain says:

    The chick at 1:15 deserves a quick punch in the throat.

  5. Pernic10us says:

    What the H-

    I don’t have any gold!

    I love the divorce lawyer!!

  6. teis1411 says:

    rofl this is funny as

  7. OriginalBasaliskos says:

    The saddest thing about this parody is that people actually say these things.

  8. p1gta1p says:

    Who cares about children? I never want children!

  9. margaridasaramago says:

    i’d say she deserves more than that. ugh she’s annoying.

  10. switchingplaces says:

    “unlike a prison sentence, which is only, like, for life”

    haha, lmao

  11. airstrikedomination says:

    you can suck my cock

  12. meryanoneill says:

    omg! this makes me happy STOP DIVORCE NOW!!! ….:sheds tears: think of the children!

  13. meryanoneill says:

    yeah but after prop 8 much like prop 22 gets overturned by the state courts as unconstiitutional and i get to say “hey fucking bigotted breeders =P” you know you’ll whine and complain to which ill reply “you lost, deal with it”

  14. Onlichka says:

    OMG, this looks like a theatre! these people are bad actors..

  15. Gnomeo86 says:

    That’s brilliant! 😀

    Thank you guys!

  16. zoarmonkey says:

    We must do everything we can to stop the Republicans and the Tea Party Brown Shirts in the US. Because when the Republicans (with Tea Party help)  re-gain power in the US it will be the 4th Reich!

  17. SeanIsTheFizz says:

    This is one of the most intelligent things I’ve seen in a long time. Thank you so much for this video!

  18. sivartis says:

    Thank YOU for such a kind compliment! We had a blast making it, I’m glad you like it. 🙂

  19. asyarihahaha says:

    The woman in 1:00 can be an actress,I love her tone of her voice.hahah.

  20. Dionysusheathen says:

    eerrrmmmm she is an actor!!!

  21. SylvreWolfe says:

    Stand up for traditional values and ban divorce!!

  22. Orishan69 says:

    So really, divorce was illegal back when we had gold? And dogs are the same as kids? And if we’re unmarried and pregnant, at least we’re not divorced?


  23. IrenaLightfoot says:

    this is a joke right? cos if it’s not I might as well just kill myself now. fucking idiots.

  24. koakoa8 says:

    Oh my gosh, I love this! haha so funny!

  25. moozberry1 says:

    at first i thought this was real, and i was scared.

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