(1/2) Is Divorce Part of Law of Attraction? – Abraham Hicks

SomeChicksLife.com – Law of Attraction blog with JOYFUL interviews! Download AbrahamFan29’s free Law of Attraction eBooks, too 🙂 In this snip from the Hayhouse live broadcast with Esther and Jerry Hicks, Abraham goes over the Law of Attraction with a woman who has been married for 15 years and strongly believes that it’s time for her to leave the relationship. The Law of Attraction is less about action and more about vibrational and emotional and psychological alignment with the world that all of your desires has already created for you (what Abraham calls your Vibrational Escrow), so Abraham goes through the basics of aligning thought and desire on this extremely delicate topic of whether to divorce a long-loved spouse or stay and try to work it out.

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